Nine One Apologizes For Sharing Photos From A Movie As Netizens Accuse Her of Copyright Infringement

On 5 July, Rapper Nine One shared photos she took while watching the movie, “The Pioneer”, in the theatre. Netizens accused her of violating copyright laws, as photos taking in the movie theatre are an infringement of copyright.

Nine One
Chinese rapper Nine One (pictured)

However, the former Youth With You 2 trainee’s post sparked discussions among netizens who claimed that these were stolen photos. In general, taking photos or recording videos of a theatre screen is an action that is an infringement of copyright claims.

Nine One shared a post with photos she had taken while watching a movie in the movie theatre

Shortly after, Nine One quickly deleted her Weibo post.

In the evening, she later wrote a post to apologize for the controversy caused.

Firstly, I apologize to everyone. I had indeed done something wrong when I watched a movie, took pictures and shared it. I’m am very sorry to the filmmakers. I did not do it intentionally. I really didn’t know, and I quickly deleted it shortly after when I was reminded by my fans. I know it now! Also, a reminder that everyone should not to do this, it is wrong. If the relevant laws are violated, I accept the repercussions. I’m sorry again and please forgive me, I didn’t do it intentionally… recently I am adjusting and improving on everything that requires some reflection and learning. I am listening to the necessary help and guidance provided, and as a public figure I also accept constructive and well-intentioned criticism from all sides. I will be more cautiousin the future, and ask [those who know more than me, about things that I do not have proper understanding of in the future]. I will bear in mind so that the same mistake will not be committed again.

Nine One’s Weibo Apology

As a public figure, many expected the rapper to have understood that such acts were illegal. However, many netizens also felt that this was not common sense, as theatres sometimes do not explicitly warn viewers not to take photos.

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