Ouyang Nana Apologizes For Asking To Re-Record Voting Process On The Coming One: Superband

Ouyang Nana Apologizes For Asking To Re-Record Voting Process On The Coming One: Superband

As Sina Entertainment reported on July 26th, Ouyang Nana posted an apology on Weibo for voicing out her request to re-record the voting segment during the fourth and latest season of reality show, The Coming One: Superband.

Cellist, singer, and actress Ouyang Nana as mentor of The Coming One: Superband

At the time, Ouyang Nana expressed that she wanted to vote for trainees Hu Yutong and Tian Hongjie, as she saw the improvement of the two contestants, and thus wanted to cast her vote as a form of encouragement for them.

明日之子SUPERBAND】胡宇桐&田鸿杰《让我留在你身边》 - YouTube
Trainees Hu Yutong and Tian Hongjie

However actually, Ouyang Nana also personally acknowledged the talent of two other contestants, Daxi and Zeren. She also didn’t predict that after adding the “add oil / keep fighting!” points for the trainees, it would lead them to lose the competition.

Trainees Daxi and Wang Zeren

This really wasn’t mentor Ouyang Nana’s intention at all.

“This was my first time shouting “stop” in the program. First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone, I’m sorry, I interrupted the recording halfway through. I also shouldn’t have raised the unrealistic idea of “whether  to re-record the voting”. “

On Weibo, Ouyang Nana also apologized earnestly to the two teams, as well as thanked them and their mentor teams for their understanding and comfort.

“I still have a lot of shortcomings, and many areas to learn and improve on, I also ask everyone to please continue to remind and advise me. Although encouragement stems from kindness, it isn’t always suitable and applicable to all occasions. Next time, I will be more considerate, more careful, and make choices more firmly.”

The reported reason for the incident was because at the start, Ouyang Nana initially voted 5 encouragement points for Hu Yutong and Tian Hongjie’s team, and the pick result was that this team scored 74.5 points. However, Daxi and Zeren’s team received 72 points. Hu Yutong and Tian Hongjie’s team ended up winning, but Ouyang Nana felt that the score received was different from what she thought, so she hoped to discuss with the director to re-record the voting segment of the show.

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