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Ranie Yang Mourns The Death Of Ex-Boyfriend And Good Friend Alien Huang

On September 16th, Rainie Yang shared an old photo on Weibo with a long message in memory of her good friend and ex-boyfriend, the late Alien Huang Hongsheng.

Alien Huang is best recognized as one of the host of the variety show, 100% entertainment along with Show Lo.

The 36 year-old star was found dead earlier today due to a seemingly unfortunate freak accident at his home in Taipei. He was found lying unconscious, half-dressed in the hallway near the bathroom by his father, who was looking for him to have lunch together.

Early examinations revealed that there was no foul play and that he passed away from injuries after a slip in the bathroom.

Many friends and fans, including Ranie Yang are in shock and disbelief as the found the news difficult to accept. The star was seen looking perfectly healthy and was actively posting on Instagram just less than two days ago.

Ranie Yang was Alien Huang’s first love, and his only publicly acknowledged relationship in his career as an entertainment star.

Ranie Yang mourns the death of her ex-boyfriend and old friend, fellow Taiwanese star Alien Huang

In the photo shared by Rainie Yang, the Taiwanese singer is seated the same row as Alien Huang who is seen smiling brightly as he sipped on a drink.

Rainie Yang thanked everyone their concern and confessed that she is not in a good state now. In her long post, she acknowledged that meeting Alien Huang had been a blessing in her life.

Her full post is as follows:

“Thank you everyone for their concern. I’m not going to pretend I’m feeling well, that I’m okay. Because I can’t be good, I can’t possibly be okay.

Hong Sheng’s departure has left many who loved him unable to let go. After hearing the news, I am very worried about Hongsheng’s family members. They must feel my pain even more intensely.

After reading news about his goodness I am grateful. Because he’s a really hardworking man who cherished every stage. He cherished every opportunity knowing that it didn’t come easy, but his goodness aren’t just these. It’s not something that can be seen on screen. His goodness makes me feel like having met him is a blessing in my life.

I’ve said it before, “We have not only appeared in each other’s youths, we have always appeared in the different phrases of each other’s life, and this will also include the future.

Hong Sheng, I believe that even in the future, you’ll always be here. Only in a different form. Thank you for appearing in my life. I’m happy that we have fully and appropriately expressed our love and care for each other. Losing you is a pity, it comes with reluctance. But we have never left a single trace of regret.

Miss you always

Our deepest condolences to the friends, fans and the family members of Alien Huang.

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