Ren Jialun Congratulates The Chinese Table Tennis Team For Winning The Olympics Gold

Ren Jialun recently shared a Weibo microblog to congratulate Chen Meng on winning the table tennis women’s olympics championship.

On July 29, at the just-concluded Tokyo Olympic Women’s Singles final, Chinese table tennis player Chen Meng defeated teammate Sun Yingsha to win the championship.

Ren Jialun

Allen Ren Jialun wrote on Weibo: “I am so excited to see this moment after so many years! The Chinese table tennis team, you are the pride of the motherland!”

Similarly, he also dedicated a Weibo post to the male singles table tennis champion, Ma Long expressing his delight at the olympics champion, “Been waiting for so many years, to see this moment, too excited! Chinese Table Tennis Team. You are the pride of the motherland!”

Before pursuing a career as an actor, Ren Jialun was a professional table tennis player, who trained alongside the likes of the table tennis superstars, Zhou Yu and Zhang Ji Ke. However, he had to unfortunately quit the sport due to injuries. 

Netizens React To Ren Jialun’s Well Wishes

Chen Meng wins Gold as the Olympics champion

Source: Sina News Comments

[+32] He’s just here for the hype.
[+18] Who is this person? He has never mentioned anyone in his life. Winning the championship is both exciting and the pride of the motherland. Does it have anything to do with you? This group of people in the entertainment industry really know how to just be part of the hype!
[+13] Here’s another guy in it for the hype. If you don’t win the championship, they won’t show up.
[+13] Does he really need the hype? In the past, there were always interactions on Weibo [as him and the players were] from the same team, so can’t he congratulate them?

Source: Ren Jialun’s Weibo page (comments are moderated – only people who have followed Ren Jialun for 7 days and more can comment)

[+22 000] I can imagine your concentration, intent, and excitement while watching the game!
[+17 000] China is f**king awesome! Chen Meng is the GOAT ! !
[+16 000] Finally here!
[+15 000] They are the pride of the motherland

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