Renhao from R1SE Apologizes For Mishandling His Personal Affairs Following Multiple Past Relationship Rumours

Renhao from R1SE has recently been faced a barrage of criticism, following the rumours of a past relationship with the actress Zhao Wenrou (real name Zhao Mengjie) and also alleged shortlived relationship with influencer Sue Xiao Zi.

Zhao Wenrou, Renhao from R1SE and Sue Xiao Zi (left to right, pictured above)

The actress wrote a long Weibo post on the night of 14th October, revealing she had made many sacrifices for a popular boy group member and even concealed her identity as his girlfriend to support his career. Renhao then seemingly responded to her post by writing a cryptic story on Weibo a few hours after.

Chinese netizens were mostly unhappy with Renhao’s ambiguous response, and some fans felt upset that Renhao did not chose to be transparent about his relationship.

Additionally, another influencer by name of Sue Xiao Zi had also seemingly spoke out against Renhao yesterday, saying that she could not sleep the entire night after she learnt that Renhao actually had a girlfriend until spring this year. In her words, she was informed by Renhao that he was single in January this year and they dated for a period.  She later also made a video to address the entire situation, where he misled her into believing that she was dating a man name called “Li Tianqi”.

In response to the increasing heated online discussions, Renhao wrote an apology statement on Weibo stating that he was sorry for mishandling his personal affairs.

The full translated statement is as follows:

A lot of things have happened recently. I am most guilty because I mishandled my personal affairs, which has caused great harm and negative attention to the boy group we cherish together – R1SE.

I especially solemnly apologize to my brothers. I apologize to all the twelves who support R1SE, because my personal improper behavior has affected the group and failed your expectations.

As for the fans who have always supported me, I am very ashamed at myself for betraying your trust and support.

I did not expect that so many people would be involved in this incident, which caused many people to become burdened due to the doubts and pressure from public backlash. I want to say sorry to all those affected by this incident which has caused great trouble to you. I’m extremely sorry.

I accept all criticisms wholeheartedly. As a member of a boy group, my words and deeds not only represent me, but also that of R1SE. From now on, I will exercise strict discipline, pay attention to my words and deeds, and focus more on improving myself professionally. After discussing with the management, I have decided to suspend any personal speeches other than work on social media, and I will devote my vacation and spare time to closed training and study. This will be a warning to myself, and also some time for me to reflect, correct and improve myself. Please supervise.

As Renhao faces criticism from fans, fellow R1SE member Xia Zhiguang has also made headlines recently as he was spotted behaving intimately with a mysterious female companion.

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