Shen Yue Spotted On A Noodle Date with Rumored Boyfriend Sun Ning

Recently, Shen Yue has been spotted on yet another date with her rumored boyfriend, Sun Ning. This time round, Sun Ning appeared to have met up with Shen Yue at a noodle shop and even fed her noodles.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

Shen Yue and Sun Ning’s Date

Shen Yue, who is 24 years old this year was dressed in casual clothes. Her rumored boyfriend, Sun Ning rode an electric bike to a noodle shop for dinner. This was surprising, as the two fed each other noodles like any other couple. They look very sweet and adorable together.

At the beginning of their date, Sun Ning even drove an electric scooter to fetch Shen Yue, causing the entire scene to appear as though it had been appearing from an idol drama.

Many netizens expressed their envy for the couple, as they seem to have a long history as good friends together. The two met on set for Shen Yue’s hit drama, “A Love So Beautiful”, where Sun Ning played the role of the second male lead. Afterwards, they were seen hanging out in groups on multiple occasions, though it only surfaced a month ago that they were dating.

However, some netizens have doubted when the actual video was taken, given that Sun Ning appeared to be wearing a thick woollen beanie.

During the previous occasion where both were potted dating, Shen Yue and Sun Ning went on a skateboarding outing together.

Netizens React to their date

It’s pretty good. When the three of them interacted a lot when it was beautiful, it showed that the man and her also slowly developed into lovers. This kind of normal relationship in the entertainment industry I think it’s too rare.

I’ve got to say, the way he fed her is too sweet! [+1639]

So sweet, Chen Xiao Xi you must always continue to be happy! [+593]

Youku… why is it you again? [+294]

The narration in this video, I’m laughing. They have narrated every gesture live! [+253]

Such a cute date! [+169]

It looks like the two are a couple from a passionate love story [+10.7k]

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