Song Seonghun ‘accidentally’ likes ex-girlfriend Liu Yifei’s recent set of selfies

On April 30, some netizens discovered that Liu Yifei’s ex-boyfriend Song Seonghun liked Liu Yifei’s recent set of selfies she posted on 24th April. Almost instantly, netizens began discussing rumours that the pair were back together again following the public announcement of their break-up in 2018.



In Song Seunghun’s profile, users found Liu Yifei’s selfie under his “like” history


Song Seonghun is shown to have “liked” Liu Yifei’s set of selfies on April 30th, despite the actress having posted these pictures on 24th April.

Liu Yifei’s gorgeous selfie earned a ‘like’ from her ex-boyfriend

When contacted, Song Seonghun’s agency revealed that it was a staff member who had accidentally liked Liu Yifei’s set of selfies while he was updating Song Seonghun’s Weibo on his behalf.

It is reported that in 2015, the pair starting developing feelings for each other during the filming of the Chinese-South Korean drama, “The Third Way Of Love” in 2013. After being photographed entering the same hotel as Liu Yifei, Song Seonghun generously admitted his feelings for her and disclosed their relationship to the public. There were even rumours that the pair had already introduced each other to their families, and had marriage on the cards for their relationship.


Song Seung-hun and Liu Yifei

The pair dated for two years before breaking up

However, the pair announced their break-up in January 2018, after two years of dating, with Song Seonghun’s agency confirming that the pair have naturally decided to part ways due to their busy schedules respectively.


What do you think of this news? Did Song Seonghun really like the post or was it an accident?

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