Stray Birds (Chinese Drama) – Xu Lu and Gao Zhiting

Stray Birds (飞鸟集) is a Chinese drama about the lives of IT college graduates, Su Xiaoman (portrayed by Xu Lu) and Wu Yue (portrayed by Gao Zhiting) who fell in love at first sight. The seeds of love and vengeance sprouted in the hearts of the two. During the same period, the high-profile college recruitment saw both get recruited into the show. Su Xiaoman accidentally decided to sign herself up to participate in the reality show “Geek Madman” and became determined to develop an APP independently. Together with Wu Yue, Lin Shaoting and Zhang Jiang, they attempt to develop the app.


Stray Birds Chinese Drama

Title: Stray Birds
Native Title: 飞鸟集
Episodes: 40
Release Date: June 3, 2021
Film Location: Suzhou
Broadcast Start: June 3, 2021
Frequency: 2 episodes every Thursday to Saturday
Broadcast End: July 16, 2021

Summary: The Chinese drama is a love story that focusses on the lives of IT professionals from different walks of life. They are all college graduates whose lives cross paths unintentionally and they eventually discover romance and grow up through a common set of experiences together.

Stray Birds Plot Synopsis:

The world’s top 500 and well-known IT company NBI held a large-scale job fair at the university. The fair attracted many attendees, of which includes Wu Yue (portrayed by Gao Zhiting), a graduate student whose parents died and has to support his younger brother. Another one of them is Lin Shao Ting (portrayed by Qiu Henan) who is a rich second-generation student forced to return to China due to drag racing. Su Xiao Man (portrayed by Xulu), is a student from a high achieving and very outstanding family.

These students and many others gathered here and participated in this event with the attention of industry elites and famous professors. In a special group interview, Wu, Lin, Su and others all obtain qualifications to NBI’s half-year internship.

This group of young and talented people in the IT sector who have just entered the workforce experience challenging internships. They do so while navigating competition and complex interpersonal relationships. As they take a deeper interest in entrepreneurship, face the test of love, affection, and friendship, they transform themselves, grow, and enter their new lives with each other and with zest.


Stray Birds Cast & Characters:

Xu Lu

Xu Lu stray birds
Xu Lu (徐璐) as Su Xiao Man (苏小满)

Su Xiaoman defies the traditional youth drama heroine’s usual soft and gentle personality. She is an IT rookie who can type code, play art, and fix bugs. She is gentlein fights, and she is not polite in a way that tries to be cute. She can be called a contemporary heroine, and she is even more fearless in love.

Gao Zhi Ting

Gao Zhiting
Gao Zhi Ting (高至霆) as Wu Yue 武越

Wu Yue is a very independent and strong man. His father and mother passed away early. The fashionable and young man not only had to support himself, but also take care of his younger brother, who was much younger than him. However, he was very determined and worked hard. After graduating from university, he also went to graduate school, and finally successfully entered the company as an intern.

Supporting Characters

Qiu He Nan

Qiu He Nan
Qiu He Nan (邱赫南) as Lin Shao Ting (林少霆)

His family was very well-off. Later, he was sent to study abroad by his family. The family hoped that he could get a diploma, but the young master was busy racing abroad and violated laws and regulations. Later, his parents did not want to let him behave in a foreign country and decided to let him return. He came to his side and took care of him, so he was forced to return to the country. For the sake of his future, his parents asked him to go to a company for an interview. Although the young master was occasionally unfocused, he was still able to stand out and became a company.

Wen Sheng (文生) as Hong Jiang (张江)

Yu Cheng 予辰 as Chai Qing 柴晴

Huai Wen 淮文 as Ren Qian Qiu 任千秋

Drama OST

  1. Wang Bo Wen – Finally (王博文 – 最後)
  2. Wang Bo Wen – Wandering (王博文 – 飄零)

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