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Who Are The Smartest Chinese Celebrities Based on Their College Entrance Exam Results?

Because TNT's Ma Jiaqi didn't pass his culture exam in the Gaokao exam, also known as the college entrance exams in China, celebrities' Gaokao results have been hotly discussed on Weibo.

Guan Xiaotong Celebrates Luhan’s Birthday Nearing Midnight, Dispelling Break-up Rumours

On the evening of Luhan’s Birthday, Guan Xiaotong posted a selfie of the two on Weibo to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend. In the photo, the two cuddled closely together and were full...

Guan Xiaotong Seemingly Responds To Criticism About Her Acting Career: Everything Is Good, Except That I’m Not Good Enough

On the evening of November 30th, Guan Xiaotong posted a photo of herself working out with an alarming caption, “Everything Is Really Good, Except That I’m Not Good Enough.” Netizens speculated that this is...

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