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iQiyi To Cancel Future Survival Shows

iQiyi's CEO Yu Gong announced today that in accordance with the recent "cleansing" period in China, iQiyi will be cancelling future survival shows. In the same announcement, he denounced bad behaviour in the industry,...

Chinese Netizens React to iQiyi’s Action Plan To “Rectify Fandom Behavior”

Netizens React To iQiyi's official "rectification of fandom behavior" plan.

iQiyi Issues An Action Plan Directed At “Rectifying Fandom Behavior” Due Recent “Chaos” Caused By Fandom Circles

iQiyi issued an announcement on its plans regarding an operation to rectify the recent "chaos" that has erupted within the fandom circle in China. The move is widely recognized as a step to reform...

iQiyi’s CEO Responds To Youth With You 3’s Vote Controversy Involving Milk Wastage

Recently, iQiyi’s CEO addressed questions on the voting controversy surrounding milk wastage for Youth With You 3. What Was The “Milk Pouring” Controversy In Youth With You 3 ? The video of fans dumping...

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