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You and I Are Kings (2021)

You and I Are Kings is a Chinese variety show (2021) starring Yang Mi, Simon Gong, Zhang Han. The expected release date of the show is on 19 September 2021.

Gong Jun Terminates His Collaboration With Vitasoy

On 2nd July, Gong Jun's Studio issued a statement saying that it had terminated cooperation with the "Vitasoy", following the recent incident where one of its employees took part in a suspected act of...

Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun To Star in “Tian Ya Ke”, the Drama Adaptation of BL Novel “Faraway Wanderers” by Priest

Following the international success of “The Untamed”, there is a growing popularity for double male leads in Chinese Drama adaptations. It comes as little surprise to many, that Youku has decided to purchase the...

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