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Song Zuer ‘s Studio Denies Dating Rumors romance with Ruan Jingtian

Recently, Song Zuer's Studio issued a statement addressing false rumors that were circulating on the internet. These rumors made by netizens include that of "Song Zuer's love breakup" and "Song Zuer being drunk on...

Heart Signal 4 (2021)

Heart Signal 4 (2021) is a Chinese Variety Show. The show aired its first episode on 16 June 2021 and its cast members include Du Hai Tao, Angelababy, Guo Qi Lin.

Who Are The Smartest Chinese Celebrities Based on Their College Entrance Exam Results?

Because TNT's Ma Jiaqi didn't pass his culture exam in the Gaokao exam, also known as the college entrance exams in China, celebrities' Gaokao results have been hotly discussed on Weibo.

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