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TNT Leader Ma Jiaqi Told Fans Not To Feel Sad For Him For Failing To Make The Cut For His College Entrance Exams

Netizens respond to Ma Jiaqi's announcement that he failed to meet the requirements of his college entrance exams.

Ma Jiaqi Tells Fans Not To Despair Over College Entrance Exam Results

Ma Jiaqi, the Teen In Times leader shared a post about his college entrance exam results in early hours of this morning.

Ding Chengxin Is All Smiles After Taking His College Entrance Exams

Ding Chengxin recently took a group photo with his classmates recently. On the evening of the 9th, a photo of Ding Chengxin with his classmates after the college entrance examination was revealed online.

TNT’s First Album Sets New Sales Record Volume At 100 million For C-pop groups

Following the debut of C-pop group TNT, in a short span of a year and a half, the TF Family has built the 7-member group what is arguably one of the hottest boy group...

Ding Chengxin Profile and Facts

Ding Chengxin (丁程鑫) is a C-pop singer and actor born on February 24, 2002 in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. He is a male pop singer, film and television actor in Mainland China,...

Winners For The 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards 2020

Winners For The 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards 2020 The 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards was held on 19th July 2020 to honor some of the top artists and music for the...

TNT Expose Photos Of Sishengs Entering Company Building Illegally To Stalk The Boy Group

Teen In Times (TNT) as pictured above On the morning of 11th July, Teen In Times (TNT) published photos of Sisheng (stalker fans) entering the company building illegally through the freight lift and fireman...

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