Xia Zhiguang

Please Classmate (拜托了班长) – Xia Zhiguang and Dai Luwa

Drama Introduction Title: Please Classmate (拜托了班长) Episodes: 24 Release Date: April 23, 2021 Film Location: Wuyi Summary: The Chinese drama…

2 days ago

Xia Zhiguang Profile

Xia Zhiguang (夏之光) is a Chinese singer and actor born on January 4, 2000, in Hefei, China. He is a…

1 month ago

Xia Zhiguang from R1SE Is Spotted Hanging Out With Rumoured Girlfriend At Driving School

Recently, some media photographed R1SE member Xia Zhiguang and a mysterious lady making their way to driving school. Suspicions of…

7 months ago