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R1SE Gets Together to Wish Twelves Happy Birthday

On the 8th of July - the day the fandom name "Twelves" was decided - R1SE, although having disbanded, gets together in the comments section of an interview to say happy birthday to Twelves.

Chuang 2021 Announce Their Mentor Line-up For This Season

This week, Chuang 2021 officially unveiled their Mentor line-up for this season! Deng Chao has been revealed as the leading Mentor for the show while Ning Jing, Zhou Shen and the leader of R1SE,...

Zhou Zhennan Apologizes For His Parent’s Debts And Tells Fans That He Will Bear The Burden With His Family

Zhou Zhen Nan posted an apology for his parent’s breach of trust and debts on Weibo. He wrote that he was very grateful to his parents for their upbringing and education, and said frankly...

R1SE member Zhou Zhen Nan’s Dad Allegedly Owes A Large Sum Of Debt, Wajijiwa Entertainment Addresses Rumours

Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding the leader of R1SE, Zhou Zhen Nan. Several rumours have arose regarding the fact that his father did not pay back his debts. His father has also...

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