TNT Expose Photos Of Sishengs Entering Company Building Illegally To Stalk The Boy Group

Teen In Times (TNT) as pictured above

On the morning of 11th July, Teen In Times (TNT) published photos of Sisheng (stalker fans) entering the company building illegally through the freight lift and fireman staircase. After entering the building, they proceeded to hide themselves within the area to secretly watch, take picture and film the idols.

The company has since lodged a police report and opened up an investigation against the Sishengs.

For the first time ever, TNT’s official Weibo account also published the photos of the Sishengs caught by the surveillance camera within the building.

Their full post on Weibo reads:

Recently, our company realized that some Sishengs have used illicit methods to enter our company building via the fireman staircase and the freight lift. They have also hid around the fireman’s staircase area to peep [at the idols] and also take pictures of them. Our company have already taken measures to stop such behaviours and have lodged a police report to investigate into this matter. Below are some of the photos captured by the surveillance camera. From today onwards, our company will share surveillance photos to expose such behaviours of the Sishengs.

Sishengs were seen entering TNT’s company building illegally to stalk the boy group

This is not the first time the members of TNT have been harassed by Sishengs.

Just last month, TNT members Song Ya Xuan and Yan Hao Xiang also made posts on Weibo pleading for Sishengs to refrain from stalking them.

Yan Hao Xiang shared a photo showing a photo of a car trailing him.

In Yan Hao Xiang’s post on 14th June, he publicly called out the Sisheng who trailed his car, “Aren’t you tired of following me for so long? Stop following my car.

Song Ya Xuan asked for sishengs to stop taking photos of him as he was dining out

Band member Song Ya Xuan also shared a photo on 16th June when he was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant saying “Just eating a quick meal, please stop taking photos, thanks.” He also added a follow-up comment “especially when I’m celebrating my birthday.”

Most fans have posted supportive comments in light of the statement made by Teen In Times, saying that it was about time they ousted the sishengs. They also hope that the company will continue to protect the idols against harassment from the sishengs.

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