The Untamed Boys (T.U.B.S) To Release Their Debut EP  “LOVE:ONE-ACT”

Actors from The Untamed – T.U.B.S is releasing their debut EP  “LOVE:ONE-ACT”.

Chinese boy group T.U.B.S (known as The Untamed Boys) was formed by Luffy Huang, the SVP of NSMGroup in 2019. The line-up consists of members: Yubin, Cao Yuchen, Jili, and Li Bowen following Zheng Fanxing and Song Jiyang’s recent departure.

T.U.B.S (The Untamed Boys) Group Photo(Members from L to R – Jili, Cao Yuchen, Yubin, Zheng Fanxing, Li Bowen.)

Though 2020 was tough amidst the global pandemic with the avid love and support of their fans, the T.U.B.S were able to make it through and forged many unforgettable memories.

In their latest music release, the boys sing a diverse set of songs from their unique perspectives and reminiscences of love. Through their debut EP “LOVE:ONE-ACT”, they convey their love for T.U.B.S and their fans. The global launch of the EP, containing seven new songs, will be made available on major music streaming platforms on January 29th.

Tracks in the EP include:

  1. Fearless
  2. The Beauty of Following Our Hearts
  3. The Best Reader
  4. Favorite Song
  5. I Don’t Wanna Stop
  6. Only Want You
  7. Still The One

Seeking to bring positivity to all in such difficult times, “LOVE:ONE-ACT” is produced by NSMGroup with avant-garde international producers, such as the million hit Canadian singer/producer Daniel Powter. The full album, which includes “If It Ain’t You” and “Gave My Heart Away”, is to follow shortly.

These two additional tracks will feature renowned Thai and K-Pop artists to connect with their fans in Thailand and South Korea. It will also include fan favorites: the upbeat R&B track “YOU” by Yubin, pop ballad “Smiling Star” by Zheng Fanxing and ‘Love Rhythm’, the promotional song for Thai Spring Festival 2020.


First title track “The Beauty of Following Our Hearts”, featuring Daniel Powter, expresses the encountering of those special ones in your life that have you enchanted, like a déjà vu, celebrating the beauty of following your heart. Most importantly, it depicts the everlasting love between the T.U.B.S members and their fans. 

The second title track “Favorite Song” is a sweet melodic duet between Yubin and Cao Yuchen. The duo sings about young love, reminiscing about a specific hide-out where they can make beautiful memories with that special someone.

With the core message of “LOVE:ONE-ACT”, T.U.B.S and NSMGroup wish everyone a new year full of love!

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About T.U.B.S

Chinese boy group T.U.B.S was formed by NSMGroup in 2019. All of the members starred in the Chinese drama series ‘The Untamed’.

About NSMGroup

Established in 2015, NewStyle Media Group (NSMGroup) is a new generation of entertainment and multimedia enterprise – spanning artist management, music publishing and record labels, TV/film production, merchandise and mobile gaming.

Bridging the gap between the East and West, their leading focus is developing high quality and multi-directional Intellectual Properties for global audiences.

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