TNT Leader Ma Jiaqi Told Fans Not To Feel Sad For Him For Failing To Make The Cut For His College Entrance Exams

In the early hours of the morning of the 26th June, TNT leader Ma Jiaqi wrote a post apologising for not meeting the passing mark for the culture class: “I’m putting a me that doesn’t glow in front of you, and because of it I’m really really sorry.” He expressed that after this he’d spend more time on culture class, and the vocal and performance classes that he’s interested it will still be attended. “I hope you won’t be sad because of my things.”

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Ma Jiaqi TNT leader
Ma Jiaqi

Fans React To TNT Leader Ma Jiaqi ‘s post

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Source of comments: Ma Jiaqi’s Weibo post

[+261,000] TNT official account: You’re still the Xiao-Ma who’s always glowed. Goodnight 💤

[+108,000]Gaokao is just a lone wooden bridge that needs to be fought for in our lives, and it’s not a bridge that can be crossed just with one step. Looking at this failure in terms of the long road of life, it doesn’t count as anything. Adjust your attitude, face the truth, and then solve it is the most important. The people who like you don’t think it’s a huge thing; they’ll accompany you. Just be yourself, forever and forever.

[+74,000] Written for you, hope that you’re happy (Picture: “A few mutters in the early hours of the morning)

[+43,000] Quickly go to sleep, babe; we’ll always love you

[+38,000] Don’t feel sorry, we’ll face it together

[+25,000] You didn’t let anyone down, baby! You’re amazing! You worked hard! We believe and respect your every decision! We’ll keep walking together with you! Let’s keep walking together, okay! 💜 Ma Jiaqi worked hard! You’re the best kid.

Source of comments: A Weibo Post By Sina Ent Regarding Ma Jiaqi’s Post About His College Entrance Exam 

[+7808] As fans, we accept all failures and imperfections, and have enough courage and strength to accompany Ma Jiaqi through winds and waves. Our kid has never thought of running away, never planned to keep his mouth shut about this. This is his sincerity that’s so valuable, and likewise, we’ll calmly face it. He’s 18 years old, the peak of youth. The road of life is just starting and there’s a long road ahead of him. Believe that under his constant hard work, the thorns will be stepped flat. He’ll cross mountains and valleys, and run towards the huge road that belongs to him. 

[+5018] The kid is quite truthful and humble, keep jiayou-ing

[+3234] We won’t try and save face or explain for how he didn’t do well in the exams. As long as he has the courage to start again, so what if he has to retake a year? He has to go to university, we’ll just accompany him for another year. 

[+2468] Ma Jiaqi, jiayou! Keep working hard!

[+1622] Face everything and calmly face it, not giving up. Next year, let’s jiayou together.

Netizens React To The Teen In Times Leader’s Weibo Post

Source of the comments: Sina News article

[+119] You’re not even sad, as if I would give a sh*t about being depressed

[+70] [He has a] completely empty brain

[+51] How can this kind of scum and a [vomit-inducing idol] be sought after by young people? The Chinese society needs to reflect deeply.

[+38] Ma Jiaqi is a big idiot

[+19] Fans are the idiots

[+19] His IQ represents a large number of so-called young stars of the entertainment industry.

[+11] Chase your idols rationally, not all stars are worth chasing after.

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