Tony Yu Jing Tian (余景天) Profile

Tony Yu Jingtian
Tony Yu Jingtian

Tony Yu Jing Tian (余景天) is a Canadian C-pop singer and dancer born on August 21, 2002, in Chengdu, China. In 2019, took part in the Korean survival show, “Produce X 101”. In 2021, he joined the iQiyi survival show, “Youth With You 3

Tony Yu Jing Tian Profile

Name: Tony Yu Jing Tian
Chinese Name: 余景天
English name: Tony Yu
Nicknames: Ni (尼), Permed Hair Baby (烫头宝)
Birthday: August 21, 2002
Place of Birth: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Nationality: Canadian
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign
Height: 185cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: B
Agent: Astro Music (Disputed)

Fandom Name

Fandom Names: Pink Lion (粉狮)
Fandom Color: Blue
Fandom Name Meaning: When he first came to China couldn’t pronounce the word “粉丝” (fen si) properly.
He pronounced it as (fen shi).

Social Media Account

Weibo: 青春有你3-余景天
Instagram: yu_jing_tian

Facts about Tony Yu Jing Tian

  • His agent is Astro Music, however this is disputed according to Baidu.
  • Former agencies: Hongyi Culture and FNC Ent (Korea).
  • Family Members: He lived with his older brother growing up and he has another male sibling.
  • His family immigrated to Canada while he was 6.
  • He lived mostly with his eldest brother since 2009.
  • Net worth: His family is considered well-to-do, they own a villa in Canada and his family runs multiple businesses.
  • Spoken Languages: He can speak Chinese, English, Korean, French.
  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, piano, magic.
  • Originally “Tim” was his chosen English name.
  • His mother suffered a birth scare when Tony was too skinny at birth.
  • She decided to name him “Tony” instead in hopes that he could grow healthier and plumper.
  • His curricular activities included dancing while he was at school????.
  • Favourite food: Korean BBQ
  • Food preferences: Anything spicy
  • Hobbies: Painting, shooting.
  • Music instruments played: Piano
  • Favorite Movie: The Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Movie genre: Fantasy, sci-fi themed movies
  • Favorite outdoor activites: Playing basketball, skiing, skareboarding, surfing, diving, skipping rope, swimming
  • Pets: He owns a dog.
  • Pet breed: Husky.
  • His dog is named “肉肉” which means “meat meat” due to his love for meat.
  • He lost weight by doing rope skipping as a form of exercise.
  • He was scouted to be a trainee at 15 years old.
  • He is a decent cook since he took classes for cooking as a high school student.
  • His favourite type of Chinese cuisine is any type of hotpot meal.
  • Favorite food: Angus steak.
  • Favorite fruits: Prefers watermelon, mangosteen, mango.
  • Favorite type of boba is the original flavored boba.
  • He often eats instant noodles in the school cafeteria or at the convenience store in front of the school.
  • Does not have any piercings on his ears.
  • He prefers to use ear clips
  • He is a night-owl and stays up late at night.
  • Stress coping mechanisms: Talking a walk or a warm bath.
  • Favorite hair color: Silver
  • He hopes to try on different hair dyes: brown, platinum blonde/white and  blue.
  • He picked navy blue as a color that he best embodies.
  • Favourite Kpop groups: AOA and EXO
  • Ideal vacation spots: Maldives, Sanya (Hainan Island) Hawaii.
  • He feels like his legs are thin.
  • In photoshoots, he would ask for his legs to be made to look thicker.
  • “Produce X 101” in Korea was the first ever survival show he joined.
  • He received an A for his preliminary rating, and ranked #19 in the final.
  • He was the only foreign trainee to have entered to final.
  • In Youth With You 3, he regularly claims top spot
  • He also has a friendly rivalry ongoing with Luo Yizhou.


Ideal Type

  • Girls with long hair

Public Perception

(Chinese Youth Online Review) .

  • Tony Yu Jingtian looks neat and tidy and stands at 185cm tall, with short teddy bear curls.
  • He has a soft smile on his face.
  • In the show “Produce X 101”, Yu Jingtian showed great stage performance, his dance was full of dynamic, and in the vocal show after the rating performance, he amazed the tutor with his singing voice.
  • Yu Jingtian, who wore glasses then, looks alive like the cartoon character Pikachu.
(Netease, Review) .
  • There is still a bit shy and lovely Yu Jingtian in life.
  • Once he stands on the stage, he immediately looks like a person, with a full aura and a full sense of the lens. Yu Jingtian not only has outstanding appearance and singing and dancing skills, but also has a unique “Nigerian youth temperament”.
  • He appeared at the airport with a white shirt, gray checkered jacket and silver-framed glasses, showing his youthful and sunny image, and his signature cute expression has attracted a lot of attention.
  • In addition, when the song “I’m not perfect boyfriend,”his magnetic voice is alluring.
  • In the show “Youth with You Season 3”, the first stage of the full-opening assessment certified him as a trainee’s good strength, he used a song “Uranus” to show the solid skills of singing and dancing, but also let the audience see his sincere attitude towards the stage is responsible.
  • In the first performance, Yu Jingtian, who was injured, did not show the audience any traces of injury on the stage.
  • His perfect expression management and his central responsibility received unanimous certification from the audience.

Singles and Discography

  • I’m Not A Perfect Boyfriend (我不是完美男友) | 2021
  • Uranus | 2021
  • _No Need (X1-MA) (_不要(X1-MA) | 2019

Variety Shows

  • Youth With You 3 | 2021
  • Produce X 101 | 2019

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  1. Sorry but the info is wrong, Tony’s parents ate not divorced and his brother never has talked about them. I think you’re mixing info with Zhou Daniel from Chuang (into1)

  2. Tony’s brother has never talked about his parents, please correct the info, his parents are not divorced.

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