UNINE’S Li Wenhan Claps Back At Rumoured “Weight Gain” With A Photo of His Collarbone: This is just being humble. You all are fat!

Li Wenhan of UNINE posts selfie of his collarbone in response to weight gain rumors

On July 8th 2020, Li Wenhan of boy band UNINE posted a photo of his collarbone to Weibo in response to rumors and allegations of weight gain. There’s been a recent photo of Wenhan at the airport circulating on the internet, and netizens commented that his calves looked thick and muscular. This lead to a heated discussion among netizens and spread claims about his weight gain.

The singer also uploaded pictures of his beloved corgi Chihiro (Qianxun), captioning the post:

“Nonsense! This is called being humble! You all are the ones who are fat! You all are fat! Chihiro is also fat!”

Li Wenhan used a Chinese idiom “不显山不露水”, which literally means to “not show the mountain and to not reveal the water“. The meaning of this idiom is  not revealing one’s talent and showing humility, thus it is used to indicate humble behavior.

The singer is basically saying that he is just humble to not show that his body is fit and thus did not gain weight.

Looks like Wenhan proved his point with a photo of his sleek collarbones to appease the haters and to refute rumors.
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