Wang Talu’s Mother Passes Away At Age 65 Due To A Brainstem Tumour Rupture

Wang Talu’s Mother has passed away on the 9th of August due to a rupture of her brainstem tumour. Her death came as sudden news, as it is understood that no one, including his mother herself, was aware that she had a brain tumour.

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In a message to the public conveyed through his agent, Wang Talu thanked fans for their concern and expressed that for now, his utmost priority would be to send her off on her final journey.

It is understood that no one, including Wang Talu’s mother herself, knew that she had a brainstem tumor. There were no symptoms or signs at all of its existence.

Around noon on the 5th of August, Wang Talu’s sister found his mother unconscious in bed. She was immediately sent to a hospital near her home. Although the doctors pointed out that the discovery of the tumour had been too late and that an operation may not likely be useful, the family decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, his mother’s postoperative condition was poor and she was unable to respond to the medication given. At 2am on the morning of the 9th of August, she was pronounced dead.

Presently, Wang Talu is feeling quite depressed. Friends and relatives alike hope that the general public will not bother him too much during this period of mourning.

Our deepest condolences to Wang Talu and his family and our hearts go out to him during this extremely difficult time.

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