Wang Yibo Gets His Flight Cancelled And Had To Leave The Airport To Wait For Another Plane

On the 12th of August, 2021, Wang Yibo was spotted going to the airport for a flight to Changsha for a new variety show recording. Unfortunately, the flight got cancelled, and the idol was forced to leave the airport to wait for another plane.

Wang Yibo

Netizens React

Under a Weibo Influencer’s post commenting on the situation, netizens react:
[+7850] @WangYibo You see, everyone’s laughing at you in the comments, not like me, my heart hurts for you
[+3887] Didn’t manage to take off 😂 I think it’s because of heavy rain? He was supposed to go to Changsha to record Day Day Up
[+2633] The airport, a place which makes Wang Yibo regularly feature on the hot search 😂
[+2543] More funny, weird hot searches for my baby hahaha
[+1921] Son, go home and play with lego!

Another Weibo Influencer directly poked fun at Yibo: Wang Yibo went to the airport today – and left. He said: I took off, I pretended 😂

A meme of Yibo featuring on the hot search

Netizens React:
[+910] Let’s talk about whether he took off or not later, this Saturday at 8pm, remember to come and watch Street Dance of China on Youku!
[+708] I took off, I came back! Just playing.
[+592] Wang Yibo: You didn’t predict it, right? I’m back.
[+383] So how?

The last netizen even attached the following picture:

Wang Yibo looking innocent
Wang Yibo looking innocent

Wang Yibo’s Fanclub Speaks Up

Even the fanclub took the opportunity to promote Yibo’s newest show, Street Dance of China.

You can check out one of his dance teasers on Youku:

The comments section was filled with eager fans for the show, airing this Saturday (14th August). Small bit of information: It’s also Chinese Valentine’s Day!

What are your thoughts on the situation? Are you excited for Street Dance of China? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Yesss, I’m so excited for Wang Yibo in SDC4 ..King is going to rock the stage again 💚 14th Aug seems like 10 years already !

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