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Wang Yibo’s Staff Clarifies Allegations of a “Mystery Girl” In His Oasis Update

Wang Yibo recently shared a promotional update on his Oasis page featuring a Chanel perfume.

However, some netizens discovered that there was a reflection of a girl in the ring that Wang Yibo wore in the picture.

Fans Speculate The Identity of Wang Yibo’s “Mystery Girlfriend”

Subsequently, Wang Yibo‘s studio issued a clarification stating that the unidentified female was simply a staff member.

“The picture shared by on Wang Yibo’s Oasis page today was taken by a staff member during their course of work. The image reflected on the ring is also that of the staff. The Weibo post was deleted because due to the restrictions of the platform rules. However the post is still up on Oasis. You can go onto the Oasis to communicate and interact [with the star]. Please respect the facts, don’t spread false information, and do not over interpret things.”

Wang Yibo’s Staff Clarifies Allegations of a “Mystery Girl” In His Oasis Update

Now that the truth has surfaced, we hope that fans of Wang Yibo will no longer be in suspense over the issue.

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