Wang Yijin Apologizes For Her Fall During The SuperNovae Games Mixed Relay Race

During the mixed relay race finals at the SuperNovae Games this season, Bon Bon Girls member Wang Yijin and R1SE member He Luo Luo made an unfortunate mistake during their baton handover, causing the team to miss out on winning first-place.

In the mixed men and women 4x150m team relay, the first runner of the team, R1SE member He Luoluo collided into Wang Yijin during the baton handover. Unfortunately, she fell while attempting to receive the baton.

This caused the team to miss out on their highly anticipated first-place victory.

Following the event, Wang Yijin wrote an apology on Weibo apologizing for her mistake.

“I’m sorry that my teammates were affected by my mistake during the relay race. I really apologize to my teammates, and I am really sorry to everyone. Please watch out for your safety when you exercise.” 

Fellow team mate He Luoluo has since left a kind word of assurance in the comment section, saying, “I also made a mistake. I didn’t control and I didn’t stop in time. I hope everyone will pay attention their safety during the competition.”

We hope that fans will not be too upset over the matter, as the safety of the idols matters the most. It is just a game afterall, and we believe that the idols will always be able to make a comeback again next year!

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