Wu Lei’s Weibo Account Gets Hacked, Hacker Reposts Mushy Couple Content With Dilireba

On the morning of April 28th, Wu Lei reblogged a fan account that posted a romantic moment between himself and Dilireba while filming for their upcoming drama, Chang Ge Hang, on his official Weibo page.


Wu Lei reblogs a video showing a cute interaction between him and Dilireba.


In the repost, the hacker commented with Wu Lei’s weibo account “Wow, this pairing is so warm”, before deleting the repost in seconds.

In the video Wu Lei, who was filming the TV series “Journey of the Long Song (长歌行)”, pulled Dilireba backwards in order to prevent her from losing her balance and falling over.

Netizens instantly detected unusual activity on his account and commented: “Is this the wrong number?”, “What are you doing, brother?”, “Did someone stole your account?”, and “Did your studio staff make a mistake?”


On the same day, Wu Lei’s Studio issued a statement in response to his repost of the “couple” content on Weibo, saying that after learning of the post, the studio immediately conducted an investigation to confirm that it was someone with ulterior motives who hacked his account.

The studio also issued a warning, emphasizing: “The privacy of a celebrity’s personal social media account should always be fundamentally respected and protected. Please stop doing malicious acts that violate the privacy of others. Malicious actors will be held accountable for violations of Mr. Wu Lei ’s privacy! ”

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