Wu Yuheng (吴宇恒) Profile and Facts

Wu Yuheng
Wu Yuheng

Wu Yuheng (吴宇恒) is a Chinese actor and singer born on the 11th of September 1996 in Sichuan, China. He first entered public eye in 2017, participating in Handsome Youth Society, a show meant to train the next generation of idols.

In 2018, he participated in The Coming One 2, placing in the top 6 for vocals. Since, he’s acted in various works such as Get Married or Not (2020) and A Girl Like Me (2021). In 2021, he participated in and graduated from CHUANG2021 at 18th place, and has two dramas to be aired.


Wu Yuheng
Wu Yuheng

Name: Wu Yuheng
Chinese name: 吴宇恒
English name: Christopher Wu
Nickname: 哼哼 (Heng Heng)
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: September 11, 1996 (24 years)
Place of birth: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac sign: Rat
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Occupation: Actor, singer
Company: Prince Culture
Education: Southwest Jiaotong University



Fandom name: Sloths (树懒)
Fandom colour: Galaxy blue 揽星色 (#ABCED8 & #5383C3)
Fan chant: 银河相宇,恒星不离
Fandom name meaning: In <Handsome Youth Society>, Yuheng’s portrayal and self-description was like a sloth, so his fandom became sloths with him!  


Social Media Account

Weibo: 吴宇恒不无语
Oasis: 吴宇恒
Spotify: 吴宇恒

Douyin: WYHHH911 




  • Hopes to be an ambassador for Dicos (loves their fried chicken)
  • Favourite food: Sichuan spicy chicken and hotpot 
  • His house is full of sloth (fandom) stuffed toys
  • Short-sighed and wears black-framed glasses (which fans have told him to change to gold ones on multiple occasions) but usually wears contacts 
  • Prefers a hairstyle without fringe and will never dye his hair again (dyed it grey once in CHUANG2021) 
  • Really brave – Happy Valley in China was too tame for him and likes walking in the front in haunted houses  
  • If he’s at home, likes relaxing and just lying down
  • Idol: Yiping 
  • Wants to act as a cute/charming person who’s actually a villain

Education and College

  • In high school, went to the top class to study at night. Described by someone in the top class as really cute, a good person, a hard worker, honest, and deserving of being liked 
  • From being the bottom of his year, in his second last year of high school he changed his studying habits and became the top few in his year 
  • Scored 580 in Gaokao and wrote a guide on Weibo on how to study 
  • Uni friends described him as cute and not hugely popular because he preferred staying at home. He’s very nice to friends, didn’t lose his temper and packed good food for them (and has continued this after CHUANG, treating his friends to multiple meals) 
  • Graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a degree in International Relations


  • Motto: Being able to eat = a luxury (because eating is happiness that comes easily and he hopes everyone can have this easy happiness) 
  • Favourite stage: Girl
  • Two popular jokes were that “Wu Yuheng has no brain” and that “Wu Yuheng does not shower”, both started from his dorm mates in 1201 and 1002, respectively 
  • He brought a face mask as his manager told him not to get darker, and fellow trainee Zhou Keyu joked that a kilogram of sunscreen wasn’t enough for him 
  • Was meant to be in 糖果超甜 for the first stage but said he was too old and didn’t want to be cute anymore, so was in Island Boys 
  • During the first stage, Zhou Shen remarked he displayed all his emotions on his face while singing 
  • Drank Samyang sauce in one of his vlogs 
  • Despite having no background in dance, practised with all other classes, while eating, with friends, and ranked in A class after the theme song evaluations 
  • Overall, was the 6th in votes from fans during the stage recordings 
  • His finals solo, 爱就一个字, had the most plays of all the trainees 
  • Fans organised a hotpot flower wall for finals 



Singles and Discography

也许我们 maybe us / 2020 – wrote and sang for drama 谁说我结不了婚
LOVE! / 2021 – cover of Hebe Tien’s song 


流星雨 METEOR SHOWER / first stage
姗姗 SHANSHAN / first stage additional evaluation
女孩 GIRL / first public performance
DREAM / remake of theme song
我管你 I DON’T CARE / second public performance
输入法按可爱打第五 PUSH NO.5 FOR CUTE / third public performance
BE MINE / finals group performance
爱就一个字 LOVE, JUST ONE WORD / finals solo performance 

Dramas and Filmography

谁说我结不了婚 GET MARRIED OR NOT / 2020 – as young Li Weihao
我就是这般女子 A GIRL LIKE ME / 2021 – as Du Jiu
梦见狮子 OUT OF THE DREAM / to be aired – as Hao shi
嘿!你大事很妙 / to be aired – as Li Yihe
八岁的爸爸 EIGHT YEAR-OLD FATHER / to be aired – as Cong cong 

Survival and Variety Shows

明日之子 2 THE COMING ONE 2 / 2018 – top 6 (vocals)
王牌对王牌 5 ACE VS ACE 5 / 2020 – guest
创造营 CHUANG / 2021 – 18th 


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