Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Get Caught In Dating Rumors After Having Hotpot Together

Recently, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin were speculated to be dating. The actress was seen dining with Xiao Zhan at his stage play celebration banquet. Some netizens even speculated that the two were deeply in love.

In this regard, Xiao Zhan’s anti-rumours account has issued a post saying that the news is “Fake!!”

Xiao Zhan Li Qin
The pair were co-stars in the movie “Jade Dynasty” and collaborated in “The Wolf”

Li Qin Flew To Chengdu To Watch Xiao Zhan’s Play, “A Dream Within A Dream”

Since both have collaborated at least 4 times together, it appeared nothing out of the ordinary for them to have dinner together. Li Qin merely watched Xiao Zhan’s stage play and sent flower baskets, and their attitudes seemed very cordial. Furthermore, the celebration banquet was held featuring the entire crew from the stage play.

Regardless, of what they do, this is simply a manifestation of friendship between the two!

xiao zhan a dream within a dream

Besides, another actress, Zang Hongna, who played the role of Ma Jing in “The Wolf” also came to support Xiao Zhan. Yesterday, Zang Hongna was also photographed watching “Dream Within a Dream” with Li Qin. The actresses sat in audience area and cheered for Xiao Zhan.

Li Qin also showed support for Ge Xinyi

However, it was also revealed that Li Qin showed up not just to cheer for Xiao Zhan. She was also present to support the younger actress, Ge Xinyi, who played the role of Xiao Gu Xianglan. Ge Xinyi was formerly a trainee in the survival show “Youth With You 2” and Li Qin publicly voiced her support for her many times. Now that she is here to support the young idol personally, the friendship between them is also admirable.

According to Huang Lu, the actor of the heroine Hongjiang, the hot pot of the celebration feast did not end until three o’clock in the morning. But it can be seen that Li Qin is an actress who treats her friends very well. We hope that friends can refrain from fuelling these false rumors and support the works of Xiao Zhan and Li Qin instead.

While Xiao Zhan is working on his drama, “The Longest Promise”, Li Qin’s latest military drama, “My Dearest Guardian” is currently airing and receiving decent reviews.

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