Xiao Zhan Speaks Out Against Anti-Fans Who Dragged He Jiong Into Rumours: Please Do Not Hurt Others

On 27th April 2020, Xiao Zhan made a post on Weibo in response to the popular variety show host, He Jiong becoming a target of slander among his anti-fans.

Xiao Zhan’s post on Weibo stated:

(I’ve) added to everyone annoyance, please do not hurt others.

Shortly after, Xiao Zhan’s studio also reposted his updated status, commenting:

Please stop the slander.


Awhile back, Xiao Zhan’s anti-fans began to spread false rumours on the internet alleging that He Jiong had invited Xiao Zhan to participate in a variety show hosted by him, “Back To Field”. As a result, a large number of Xiao Zhan’s anti-fans privately harassed and disturbed He Jiong on private message, causing further heated discussion to over this issue on the internet. The actor and his studio finally speaks up to deny such allegations once and for all.


This is the first time Xiao Zhan has addressed the issue since his one-and-a-half month hiatus from social media, following the AO3 controversy.


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