Xu Kai Publicly Rebukes Sishengs

Sishengs are fans who invade celebrities’ private lifestyles. The name comes from the Korean word “sasaeng”, which has the same meaning. Xu Kai, unfortunately, is the latest celebrity to publicly experience them.

Common examples of sishengs are tailing cars (such as what happened to Ding Chengxin) and following them around while recording private events (such as what happened to Justin Huang). Recently, there have been increasing numbers of sishengs, with popular artists Zhang Zhehan, Liu Ye, Zhu Zhengting and others coming out to rebuke them.

Now, Xu Kai’s joined them.

Actor Xu Kai
Actor Xu Kai

Xu Kai Gets Tailed

This afternoon (Saturday the 31st of July), Xu Kai made the following post on his Weibo page, which currently has 17.7 million followers.

Xu Kai's Weibo post
Xu Kai’s Weibo post

Following me, following my car, following until my room’s door and livestreaming me, does this make sense? Is it morally right?

Netizens Respond

Under the Weibo post, horrified netizens react:
[+24,000] This isn’t love, this is harm 🤷
[+16,000] Respect each other!!!!!!
[+15,000] Go further from your idol’s life, if you like him, respect him
[+12,000] Reject taking photographs for others, reject sishengs
[+10,000] Protect yourself @XuKai

It’s unfortunately not the first time Xu Kai has spoken out on the issue. Yesterday (30 July) at 11pm, his studio posted a similar, longer post, telling off sishengs.

Netizens React

Sina Entertainment [1]: In the afternoon of the 31st, Xu Kai posted questioning sishengs. Afterwards, his studio reposted, expressing that they do not support or encourage all irrational fan activities. “Please be rational while being fans, focus on projects and leave life.” Before this, the studio had also made an official statement rebuking such activities.

Netizens React:
[+1780] Rebuke sishengs, focus on Kaikai’s projects, leave his life alone
[+1637] Sishengs aren’t fans
[+1536] Sishengs aren’t fans, leave his life alone. Going to his room’s door to livestream is really incredible.
[+1514] Can you be more rational, strongly rebuke sisheng activity
[+1168] When is this going to be part of our law
[+1066] When can these sishengs be taken care of

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Xu Kai makes a post. He’s already rebuked sishengs multiple times, can you not pay more attention to his projects and leave his life alone!

Netizens React:
[+649] Reject tailing cars, reject sishengs, sishengs ****
[+528] Tens of thousands of words, one sentence: sishengs ****
[+476] Think about it, Xu Kai films every day and it’s already really hard work. After finally finishing a day of work, he goes back to his hotel to rest, but still has to be taken photographs of, be livestreamed, be harassed! His only rest time is spent with continuous harassment! Just thinking about it my heart hurts 😭

A Popular Fan’s Post

A fan also came out to speak about the issue, saying, “In the airport, his phone got stepped on so much it shattered. In 2019 he posted twice on Weibo about sishengs 🙂. In interviews, he’s talked about sishengs again and again. How to be a good fan, he’s said long ago. If you love him, give him space.

“I remember in the recent Chengdu event, a group of us stood with signs really far away. We couldn’t even see his face clearly, just a silhouette, but he smiled that day. He knew his fans were there to support him, but didn’t bother him.

“It’s not that the closer to him, the more you like him. He’s a celebrity, but also a person. He needs his own space, and needs to be able to have his own life other than filming. Unlimited harassment will just bring his hate!!!! If you love him, pay more attention to his works, please keep a suitable distance 🙂”

Xu Kai

What are your thoughts on the whole thing? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

2 Responses

  1. I think this is too much, how can these Sichengs be so rude!? Yes, we know that they want to take photos of him and autographs! But those already have their time, there are activities like autographs events and about taking his photos you should take his permission first if he agrees then go ahead but if he doesn’t, that means he is tired and needs some space to rest. Right then you should respect him and stay away from him! Until you get another chance!

  2. It must be profitable for the Sishengs to maintain their intrusive and somewhat dangerous tailgating activity. Tailgating is NEVER safe! Is anyone looking into the media outlets that pay the Sishengs when they turn in their intrusive footage? As usual, it could be another case of “FOLLOW THE MONEY ” to find out why the Sishengs are so nuts.

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