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Xu Mingchao In Letter To Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy: If Your Purpose Was To Terminate The Contract, There Is No Need To Cause Such Colossal Alarm

Xu Mingchao In Letter To Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy:
If Your Purpose Was To Terminate The Contract, There Is No Need To Cause Such Colossal Alarm

Following Yamy’s post earlier this morning on Weibo exposing her boss, Xu Mingchao for humiliating her and verbally abusing her without her present, at a company meeting in late March. Since her revelation, fans, celebrities and also formers members from Rocket Girls alike have flocked to show her their support.

Xu Mingchao writes a letter to Yamy on Weibo, which has been trending #1 on Weibo’s hot search

YAMY Releases Audio Recording Exposing Her Boss Who Humiliated and Verbally Abused Her

In the meantime, CEO of Bairen Entertainment, Xu Mingchao was also discovered to have deleted all his Weibo post this evening from his profile.

Xu Mingchao Clears His Weibo Posts Following Yamy’s Exposure Of His Verbal Abuse in Audio Recordings

His only post was posted at 7PM today, where he simply titled it as “A Letter for YAMY.”

In the post, he shared that on July 10th, the company received a contract termination letter from Yamy’s elected law firm. He was surprised by this as he had already made an agreement with Yamy’s Studio representatives earlier on. The contract termination was an internal matter and he did not wish for it to be publicized.

He wrote to Yamy in the letter, saying “If your sole purpose was to get a contract termination, there is really no need to cause such colossal alarm” He also did not expect that the company meeting would be taped and then sent to Yamy, “Is the person who is sent you the audio trembling? Guess no one will make friends with her in the future.”

Regarding the termination of the contract, he also ended off the letter saying that it would be up to the law to decide, and that the problems that could have once been solved internally can no longer be done so due to Yamy’s plan to make this a full blown battle between the two.

Read his full statement below

A letter for YAMY.

@Yamy, Hello, I am Ku Ge.

The last time we met was twenty days ago. On 1st July 2020 afternoon, you ended your work and returned to Beijing on that day. It was also the first day after your graduation from Rocket Girls. That day, you followed Guo Ge and you said that you lost the management contract with the firm, and you wanted to photocopy one to take away. When your Guo Ge was photocopying the document, you sat in my office for five minutes. I gave you piping cup of hot tea, and you said you were in a rush to get your oral cavities checked, and that you will meet me another day for a meal. I never thought that this “another day” would become so unthinkable.

Only after you left I realised that you only came to our company to get a photocopy of the management contract. So many years of working in this profession made me realise that something was wrong. But Guo Ge told me that as a person, we must be more magnanimous, you came to get a copy of your management contract, it is your right to do so. The company can give you a photocopy of that document because it is the obligation of the company to do so. But in reality there is no need to be a petty man who is unhappy and worried.

Guo Ge is a good person.

On the afternoon of July 10th, our company received a Lawyer’s letter sent on your behalf asked for the termination of your contract. I was taken aback, but under the intention to solve the problem at hand, my company and the colleagues at your studio shared some viewpoints:

First, the issue of termination is one between the company and the artiste, it is an internal issue, we do not have to publicise it and we do not need to cause any damage to Yamy’s reputation.

Second, the job we have at hand now, we need to quickly get it done and not be too sluggish.

The two points above, on the 10th [of July] until now, it is something that you also feel too.

But today your post on Weibo, I’ve seen it. It trended on many “hot search” sections. There are many people who voice their support for you. I think you must be very happy now. My name is also trending, and I have been unkindly treated, I think this is not your original intention. But then this incident became a public matter and started becoming an “exploding trend” to the point where I can no longer control the situation.

Yay, if your purpose is only to terminate the contract, there is no need to cause such colossal alarm.

The post you placed on Weibo, there are three points that I didn’t contemplate about:

  1. I never thought that the internal company meeting I held at the end of March would be recorded by a participant
  2. I didn’t think that the person who recorded the audio recording would send it to you
  3. The fact that you would publicise this entire audio recording and get such enormous attention. That kid who sent you the audio recording must be shaking in fear right now. I think in future, nobody would want to be her friend.

The three things I have mentioned above are things that I could not have imagined. The five years at the company, I’ve had many meetings and said so many things, if every time I held a meeting…. every word that I said… this is something that is terrifying when it is contemplated in detail.

Yamy, you must be worried that I will also do some things right?

For example, editing a part of the company meeting’s recording….

For example, editing a part of the aggravating words you used in our WeChat group chat at work…

For example, discussing about you to xxx celebrity, xxx studio’s staff member….

Yamy, please be rest assured, I won’t do such a thing. You and I have worked together for so many years, you should understand the bottom line I have as a person.

Yamy, maybe one day you will regret everything you have done today. Please remember, doing things by hook or by crook will give you a short term advantage, but it won’t be a strategy that can last in the long term. I hope until that day, you will be well and I will be alive.

If I may say one more sentence, the company assistant that we appointed you, Xiao Juan colleague, please treat her kindly. Because you want to terminate your contract with our company, while you were at work you always refuse to let her touch your things, and even gave her the rebellious cold treatment, your fans don’t understand the circumstances and scold her for not taking any action, being there “just for show.” She’s the one who should be crying until dawn for no apparent reasons, the one who has her hands trembling when she hears your voice, the person with a difficult life.

The termination of the contract should be something that is up to the law to decide. Initially this was a problem that could be resolved amicably between us, but is is now disrupted by this long held plan of yours to make it a full blown battle. I’ll accompany you.

Lastly, I wish you all the best in the finale showdown for “We Are Blazing!”

21st July 2020, 7PM

Upon reading his statement, top comments from netizens include, “Isn’t this a form of threatening? Isn’t it?”, “That point number three he’s making, isn’t he threatening someone?”

Share your thoughts and comments about this with us below.

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