Xu Mingchao Apologizes To All Colleagues Except Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy

Following Yamy’s release of an audio recording documenting instances of Xu Mingchao’s verbal abuse towards her, the Bairen Entertainment CEO has written a second post in response to the issue.

Xu Mingchao pens a second long post acknowledging he is psychologically manipulative but explicitly refuses an apology to Yamy

Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy Releases Audio Recording Exposing Her Boss Who Humiliated and Verbally Abused Her

In yet another long Weibo post, Xu Mingchao admitted to using manipulative tactics in his workplace and apologized to former colleagues and other artists. But he also firmly asserted at the end, “I will not apologize to Yamy!”

Xu Mingchao In Letter To Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy: If Your Purpose Was To Terminate The Contract, There Is No Need To Cause Such Colossal Alarm

He also claimed that the audio recording Yamy exposed yesterday was edited, and he emphasised before he entered the meeting that no one should record the process of it. During the meeting, someone asked him what he thought of Yamy’s current situation. The meeting itself had nothing to do with Yamy, but because someone asked the question, Yamy’s issue got brought in. He also admitted that he was emotional at the point in time and conceded that the letter written to Yamy last night sounded threatening in some parts.

However, he also asserted that Yamy only wanted to cancel the contract to make more money. “Yamy got a friend to secretly record an audio recording at the meeting so that she can find a reason to terminate the contract. At the same time, she wanted to take advantage of public sentiment to pursue her agenda of contract termination, so that she can smoothly transition to do her own business and to make more money. That’s it.”

Xu Mingchao then expressed his attitude towards Yamy’s behaviour at the end of the post, “The termination of the contract could have been negotiated, and there are laws in litigation to follow, but there must be a bottom line in doing things. “If you insist on posting the internal affairs of the company on the Internet, regardless of the consequences, this kind of conduct is something that I cannot tolerate!”

Read the full translated from from Xu Mingchao regarding the situation below:

“​​I apologize! I am the middle-aged male boss who uses psychological manipulation at my workplace. 

Hello everyone, this is Xu Mingchao.

From yesterday until now, I have been doing some self-reflection.

The topic that Yamy posted on Weibo triggered a wave of discussion mostly about “Psychological manipulation at work [Internet slang being “workplace pua” – 职场pua]“, which I only learned of yesterday.

Yesterday I replied to Yamy in a letter posted on Weibo. Most netizens asked me why I did not apologize. I obviously hurt and criticised a girl maliciously at a company meeting and yet I did not mention a word of apology in the letter. Does that not hurt my conscience?

So then I reflected deeply, and I asked myself, am I the type of psychologically manipulative male boss in the workplace?

Yes! I am!

Baidu’s description of the word, “Workplace Pua (职场pua) is the mental control exerted by superiors over subordinates in the workplace. Although I don’t quite understand why the superior should need to  exercise mental control over the subordinate, I never thought of it at this level. But if the term includes instances such as losing control during a meeting and scolding company employees and artists, then I asked myself again, am I that type of male boss in the workplace?

Yes! I am!

I apologize!

My first apology goes to a colleague who has worked with me. If you have been troubled by my inappropriate remarks and emotions in the process of working with me, I sincerely apologize here. Even if my intention is not to hurt you, I have to sincerely say sorry! Please forgive my self-righteousness and arrogance.

My second apology is for an artist who has worked with me. During my meetings with my artists, I have said things that would make many artists feel uncomfortable after hearing them. Just like the version of me you hear in Yamy’s audio recording, I am super self-righteous, at the expense of other people’s feelings. At that point in time, I felt that I was doing what was best for the artist, so you all should  have understood whatever I said. I was wrong and I apologize for my self-righteous attitude.

However, I will not apologize to Yamy! There is no Yamy in these two apologies! No matter what, never!

I can take the title of being psychologically manipulative, but it has nothing to do with Yamy. In the two years that Yamy has been with Rocket Girls, she did not return to the company for quite some time. But every time she came back, she almost always complained and made demands. What I can do is try to comfort her as much as I can and coordinate accordingly.

The meeting mentioned in Yamy’s Weibo was held on March 25th this year, with seven participants. Before the meeting, I made it very clear for them to put away their phone and to not record. I was determined to say something harsh at that meeting to solve some fundamental problems. During the meeting, I mentioned many people in the entertainment industry and spoke about a lot of positive and negative cases, so I made a very clear request to put the mobile phone away. During the meeting, some participants asked me what they thought of Yamy’s current situation. And that was how they got the audio recording. The meeting originally had nothing to do with Yamy, but because of this question, the meeting became related to this issue. I must admit that I am embarrassed by the me at that point in time as I was very emotional.

Yes, the audio was edited. I remember what I said at that time, and the colleagues who participated in the meeting also helped me to recollect. I said that when the company is too nice to their artists, another outcome is that [they] gradually feel that you are entitled to the company’s resources, and that includes Yamy! Two years ago, the day after Yamy joined the Rocket Girls group, I transferred 100,000 yuan to Yamy, and I told her that you are now in the group, and it’s popular, but you still have no income. You can buy items with the 100,000 yuan. You can get clothes and bags and count it as me sponsoring you. After receiving the money, Yamy never once mentioned the words “Thank you.”

I remember when I made this statement, someone cried.

Regarding Yamy, whether she is ugly or not, I will not comment. What you hear in the audio were just my remarks during the company’s internal meetings. And I mentioned later that Yamy’s persona is her coolness and attitude.

Yamy told me a year ago that she wanted to grind off two canine teeth during the Chinese new year so that she would look better in pictures. I told her that she must not do that, as her current looks define her and could differentiate her from the rest. If she looked pretty, she wouldn’t be her anymore. 

Having said that, now you might ask me if I would apologize to Yamy. My answer is still no.

Yamy just wants to cancel the contract and so that she can make more money. This kind of thinking is not just unique to Yamy, but many talented artists who have made it big. However, Yamy secretly got this meeting audio recorded and found a reason for the contract to be terminated. At the same time, she is hoping to take advantage of the public sentiment to terminate her contract. This is so that she can smoothly start her own business and make money on her own. That’s it.

Yamy is not bad, she just treats people according to her relationship with them and lacks the ability to uphold the spirit of the contract, at the same time she is also more naive.

If Yamy expected that the whole thing would cause extremely great harm to me, to my family and also to my colleagues in the company, I believe she would not do such a thing. Really, in essence, Yamy is not bad.

Some people say that the letter I wrote to Yamy has a threatening tone, I admit to it. The termination of the contract can be negotiated and when we engage in a lawsuit there is the law to guide us, but there must be a bottom line when it comes to social conduct. If one insists that the internal affairs of the company must be posted online, regardless of the consequences, then this such conduct cannot be tolerated by me!

Finally, I apologize again! To colleagues, to the artists and this does not include Yamy.

July 22, 2020​​​​

As of writing, Yamy has yet to give a response on the two posts by Xu Mingchao of which the first was addressed to her.

C-Pop Celebrities Show Support for YAMY Following Alleged Verbal Abuse By Her Boss

Top comments within his post from netizens include,”You should still go to the psychological clinic to seek medical treatment, because every time you say a word, you will expose more symptoms of personality disorder. He’s living with such an illness, sooner or later he will be brought down by his own personality flaws. Even if it’s not this artist today, it will be someone who you have worked with or will interact with in the future. Your words clearly show that you are sick, you are sick inside, and you can’t hide it from the outside. The most typical symptom is the absence of the word you mentioned: “self-awareness” and “Mr Xu, stop saying taunting things, and stop buying [bots to post supportive comments on your status], just because you have capital makes you so good huh?

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