Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy Exposes Her Boss For Verbally Abusing Her

Former Rocket Girls member, YAMY (pictured above)

On the morning of 21st July, former Rocket Girls member YAMY released a long statement on Weibo, stating that she had been the victim of verbal abuse by her boss, Mr Xu Ming Chao for a period of time now.

The long statement was backed up by a long audio recording that was evidence of the harsh words used by Xu Ming Chao against Yamy during their work meetings.

YAMY’s full statement is as written below:

“What am I?

Since Produce 101, there have always been word on the web used to describe me and some of them include vocabularies such as “ugly” and “older” etc. As an entertainer, it is inevitable that you will be judged by others. Someone praise while others criticise. I will write my feelings into the song, and I hope to speak for myself through my works and also affirm myself there. But the self-confidence that I have long built up with great difficulty was shattered completely three months ago. The boss that I once trusted and relied on most, Mr. Xu Mingchao, called on everyone to humiliate me at the staff meeting, saying that I was so ugly that he could not bear it, and that I was worthless, forcing the participants to agree with his various viewpoints… when I heard that my colleagues took the risk to take the recording, I felt so confused. In the past two years, have you been wearing a mask just to get along with me? Sorry, I’m serious.

I did not use to be stubborn, and I was afraid to even mention a basic need; I used to not hide at home and cry until dawn for no reason; I used to not read my text with shaking hands, I used not to want to run away when I hear voices… Now I understand, it turns out that these “symptoms” have been around for a long time, and it’s more than these three months.

For a long time, what I have experienced seemed to be like an endless loop. Mr. Xu’s attitude towards me is always swinging between two extremes:
You have a competitive edge and you must have confidence in yourself.
You are not worth it, really not worth it.
You will definitely make a name for yourself through your works, I absolutely support you!
You have to first make me happy before you mention about any of your needs.

It has been more than two years of such repeated cycles, suppression and these accusations made me extremely depressed, and promises made started to get me hopeful again. I used to really think that if there is really a problem, then it must be my fault, that I did not do well enough. Now that I think about it, it is fear and low self-esteem that have allowed me to selectively shut away the long-existing harm I felt and it also made me live in self-doubt all day long. My parents are also sad, my friends are anxious, and my fans are disappointed. I hate my cowardly appearance. Enough is enough, the damage will stop here.

So I sent a letter to terminate my contract. But you gave me these eight words: “[I] understand the situation, don’t go and court death.” Yet, you are also the father of a young girl. How can you use “death” to threaten someone else’s daughter so lightly?

You are the boss, I am an employee. Maybe I won’t earn one ten-thousandth of yours in my life, but it doesn’t mean that my job is cheaper than you. Maybe my appearance doesn’t fit your aesthetics, but it doesn’t mean you can ruin my dignity; maybe you have supported in the past, but it doesn’t mean you can insult me ​​permanently and make me rot. I’m not the viewer of your “Bossy CEO” performance, nor a puppet at your mercy. The love and courage in me will never be for you to continually destroy, I will protect it!

From now on, I am responsible for myself to the end.

I am not unimportant. I am the most important.”


In addition to the incriminating statement, YAMY also uploaded an incriminating audio recording documenting Mr Xu’s verbal abuse towards her during their company meeting.

We hope that YAMY can seek closure regarding this matter as soon as possible. As of writing, the management has yet to respond officially to her statement.

Xu Mingchao In Letter To Former Rocket Girls Leader Yamy: If Your Purpose Was To Terminate The Contract, There Is No Need To Cause Such Colossal Alarm

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