Yang Mi Apologizes for The Controversy Surrounding Her “Manhua Waist” Challenge

Recently, Yang Mi posted a “manhua waist” (‘comic’ waist) challenge photo showing off her fantastic flexibility and good figure.

What Happened?

However, the photo caused public controversy, as some people called her actions dangerous and stated that it may even cause damage to the back when not properly done with the help of a trainer.

Yang Mi
Yang Mi Controversy

In this regard, Yang Mi wrote an apology and responded:

“Recently, I saw a difficult challenge and I posted a photo of this new challenge. Today I’ve learnt that if you perform this exercise without professional guidance from a trainer, it can be harmful for your body. I apologize deeply for not thinking this through and causing misunderstanding. It is my hope that everyone can attempt fitness and stretching exercises with safety precautions and that everyone can stay healthy. I will be more cautious in future and I apologize once again.”

Later, Yang Mi’s studio also issued an article saying: “In future, we will be more careful. We also remind everyone to do difficult fitness exercises under professional guidance.”

Fans Tell Yang Mi, “There’s No Need To Apologize”

The “manhua waist” challenge showcasing the stretching movement can be said to be quite popular in the fitness circle recently. At the same time, because of Yang Mi ‘s status of the celebrity, this movement has became even more popular. Due to Yang Mi’s popularity, there is a worry that more people may join the challenge without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Yang Mi ‘s apology was also for the reason that she she did not warn fans about the dangers of such gestures when she took part in the challenge.

However, after seeing Yang Mi ‘s apology, some people replied in the comment area: “Jiejie, you are not wrong.”

Some may relate to her fans and also agree that Yang Mi’s actions are indeed not a mistake. It is a small matter afterall, and others would find it impressive that she is so flexiblle.

But in recent years, the notion that idols must be a good role model for their fans has been emphasized by the Chinese media. Following the Chinese entertainment circle’s effective ouster of Fan Bing Bing, Zheng Shuang and Show Luo due to their morally questionable scandals, it is a no-brainer that being a celebrity would entail conforming to socially acceptable behaviours.

In real life, it would not be surprising to say that many young girls use Yang Mi ‘s figure as a model to aspire towards. Many have hopes of having a great figure just like her. Thus, it is not unimaginable that they would attempt the “manhua waist” challenge to show off their flexibility and good figure too.

Yang Mi interview
Yang Mi interview

But on this point, Yang Mi has time and again expressed her views on the issue of body image. She has reminded her fans repeatedly that there was no need to keep up with the trends or to achieve the perfect figure of a celebrity. It was more important to find something that can suit one’s lifestyle best. She hoped for all women to stay not only financially independent, but also independent in making their own judgement. She emphasised that there is no need to feel constrained by the opinion of others. It is more important for women to be brave and to pursue what they truly desired. This is perhaps the most important takeaway for most of her fans.

Today, Yang Mi’s apology serves as a reminder for the general public to attempt this challenge with caution. We hope that fans will also exercise their own judgement and decide for themselves if all trends are necessary to keep up with.

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