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Yang Yang and Zhao Jinmai Play Doctors in CCTV’s “With You” COVID-19 Short Drama Series

On the national day holiday yesterday, Yang Yang and Zhao Jinmai’s episodes in CCTV’s COVID themed drama short series, “With You” was aired on national television.

Many fans have been eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the drama ever since Yang Yang was sighted visiting a hospital a few months back.

The COVID-19 themed drama series, “Together”, combines the performances of many actors and actresses, who each took part in filming a few short episodes.

In episode 5 and 6 of the drama series, Yang Yang plays the role of a doctor, Yue Bin, while Zhao Jinmai played the role of fellow colleague and doctor Rong Yi. Both were going about their normal lives during the festive spring season. But as soon as they each learnt about the unknown virus that broke out in Wuhan, against the wishes of their parents, they made their way to Wuhan on their own accord. As doctors, they felt that it was their utmost duty to treat the patients.

At the same time, Yue Bin (Yang Yang) also discovered that his friend, Cheng Jun’s (Ren Zhong) father had recently died of a heart attack, but Cheng Jun was unable to see his father for the last time as he was too carrying out his medical duties. After collecting the ashes of Cheng Jun’s father, Yue Bin hands the urn over to him in tears, as he watched him sit and wail bitterly hugging to the remains of his dad. The medical staff continued their fight against the epidemic work with great grief, which showcased their warrior fighting spirit deserving of much admiration.

As always, the actor displayed great professionalism when he took up the role of Yue Bin.

Given that this was his first time he taking on the role of a doctor, Yang Yang made visits to the hospitals to observe the work of doctors and to experience the atmosphere. He also specially made time and effort to mimic the medical professionals in the way that they used hospital equipment and instruments.

Yang Yang and Zhao Jinmai showcased their barefaces for the filming of the drama

Interestingly, the director of the show also attempted to recreate the scene of battling the coronavirus epidemic by making sure that all the cast did not put on any make up for the filming. The cast was also dressed up as medical professionals and wore the necessary protective gears along with their face masks. This made acting even more challenging as the cast had to showcase their emotions through their eyes, as practically most of their faces were obscured with their masks.

Following the premiere of the episode, netizens mostly praised the cast for their emotive acting and are eager to continue to look forward to the rest of the drama short series.

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