Yang Yang Hints That Upcoming Drama with Dilireba, “You Are My Glory” May Air At The End Of The Month

On July 6, Yang Yang revealed at an event that his upcoming drama with Dilireba, “You Are My Glory” (你是我的荣耀) will be broadcasted at the end of this month.

Yang Yang and Dilireba for "You Are My Glory"
You Are My Glory Chinese Drama

There is also news tonight that the series has been reviewed and it will have a total of 27 episodes. Netizens are excited and they expressed excitement for the upcoming drama!

In case you have not read the drama synopsis, “You Are My Glory” tells the story of the aerospace designer Yu Tu (played by Yang Yang) who meets the brilliant and shining lady Qiao Jingjing (played by Dilireba). The two join hands to forge ahead, hand in hand, to become each other’s glory while paying tribute to their aerospace dreams and staying together.

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