Youku’s Survival Show “We Are Young” Is Set To Officially Premiere on 26th June!

We Are Young’s official Weibo has released posters for the upcoming survival show

Are you ready for the first male idol survival show of this year? Youku has announced that its all-male idol survival show is set to premiere on the 26th June, this Friday evening at 8PM China Standard Time!

This season, 84 male trainees will realize their dreams on the stage for “We Are Young”, guided by the mantra to “fight with all that they have”!

The mentors for the show include Guo Jing Ming, Tiger Hu, WJSN’s Cheng Xiao, and former Champion from The Street Dance of China, Han Yu. While the former two mentors will focus on training the vocal prowess of the trainees, Cheng Xiao and Han Yu will be in charge of ensuring that the dance aspects of the training.

lay zhang we are youngLay Zhang is the producer for “We Are Young”

The producer of the show is also none other than the young but experienced, Lay Zhang, who have also took up a similar role back in 2018 for then iQiyi survival show, “Idol Producer.”

If the star-studded list of celebrities isn’t already making you excited, you might be even more hyped to know that Jackson Yee from TF Boys would also be showing up as a guest mentor.

jackson yee we are youngJackson Yee will be a guest mentor for the show

Earlier this month, We Are Young have already released multiple video teasers of the show’s theme song and posters of their trainees. As a result, netizens on Weibo are beyond excited for the premiere of the show, which many initially guessed would be premiered in July. Fortunately the air date was earlier than expected, much to the joy of viewers!

It was reported that the program scouted for potential talents from over 9 countries, across university campuses and even management companies to eventually shortlist trainees for the programme. After searching for over 150 days, across 9 countries, from over 3000 candidates, We Are Young finally settled on the current 84 trainees who will be introduced to you very soon.

The existing trainees have also been focusing on practising their singing and dancing skills for over 2 months now.

84 trainees dance to the theme song of “We Are Young”

On the 26th June at 8PM China Standard Time, the 84 trainees will finally have a first taste of what it means to be on stage, in the eye of the public! Do remember to tune into the survival show by downloading Youku’s App.

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