“Youth With You 3” To Cancel Finale Episode Recording, Debunks Rumour Of A New Boy Group Debuting

On May 9, the program group of the variety show iQiyiYouth With You 3” has announced that it has decided to cancel the recording of the show and the recording of its finale program as of now.
Earlier, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau ordered iQiyi to suspend the upcoming recordings for the third season of “Youth With You 3”.
youth with you 3 final
Youth with You 3 Trainees For The Finals

Fans “Throw Away” Yoghurt After Casting Votes For Trainees

Afterward iQiyi announced the indefinite postponement of their show, the program’s sponsors, Mengniu and Zhenguoli successively issued apologies for the alleged wastage of “yoghurt” donations.
Nandu news previously reported that recently, a video of fans “buying yoghurt drinks and pouring them away to vote for their idols” triggered widespread condemnation. Some fan groups had amassed votes for their idols, by only retaining the QR code in the bottle cap cap of the yoghurt drinks of the program’s sponsors and throwing away the rest of the drink into the drain.
In response to the incident and related chaos on May 8, the State Cyberspace Administration of China stated that it would resolutely deal with platforms that continue to tolerate behaviour such as food wastage. Those who continue to engage with such acts will definitely be severely punished.
Youth With You 3 Cancels The Show
Youth With You 3 Cancels The Show

iQiyi Apologizes For Controversial Video Depicting Yoghurt Wastage

After the incident, iQiyi issued a statement saying that it was guilty for “causing” incidents such as the yoghurt pouring issue. It accepted blame for the “yoghurt pouring video”, and announced that it would conduct rectification for the entire “Youth with You 3” program.

These include the suspension of recording and live broadcast on the finale night which was originally scheduled for May 8. It also stated that the program group will continue to carefully study and adjust program rules.

At the same time, the variety program’s sponsors, Mengniu and  Zhen Guo Li also apologized, stating that it would fully support and actively cooperate with iQiyi to implement corrective measures after this incident.

On May 8, the State Council’s Information Office also held a press conference that concerned the issue of fans pouring away yoghurt to vote for their idols.

Regarding the recent concern that fans of “Youth With You 3” participated in such food wastage, Zhang Yongjun, director of the Network Comprehensive Management Bureau of the State Internet Information Office, said that this involved the problem of fans pursing their idols irrationally. The blind pursuit of celebrities have surfaced the problem of platform indulgence, and the business malpractice of merchants. He said that website platforms that resolutely deal with connivance of related chaos, especially those that have not been corrected, will definitely be severely punished.

iQiyi To Cancel The “Youth With You 3” Program, For Now.

On May 9th, the program group of the variety show “Youth with You 3” issued a notice saying, “At present, the program group has decided to terminate the program recording and cancel the finals. No news has been released by this program group.

This official news shut down earlier rumours on Weibo, which stated that iQiyi had secretly debuted a new group called “NINE EVER”. All related rumours are not true and the program has been officially terminated.

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