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Youth With You 3 Release Second Theme Song Assessment Results: Class A Members Reshuffle

On 19th March 2021, the “Youth With You 3” theme song evaluation round finally concluded with many changes brought to the A class lineup.

Firstly, the number of individuals in A class increase from 8 people to 11. The assessment results of the preliminary evaluation have fixed’s everyone’s positions for a long time now. The Class A students need to work harder than ever to hold onto their positions. For those who have failed to do well in the preliminary evaluations, the theme song assessment is a good opportunity for them to climb up the ranks.

The new trainees of Class A in Youth With You 3 now include:

  • Tony Yu
  • Lian Huaiwei
  • Sun Yihang
  • Jun Liu
  • Kachine
  • Jiang Jingzuo
  • Luo Yizhou
  • X(Duan Xingxing)
  • Otter
  • Neil
  • The Dream (Yang Zhixiang)

Youth With You 3 Class A Theme Song Evaluation Rankings

Unfortunately this almost meant that the previous Class A trainees, Wei Hongyu, Liang Sen, and Xu Ziwei had received a demotion.

Youth With You 3 Theme Song Class B Results

This round of rating would have a greater impact on on the trainees. The more oustanding the performance of the contestants, the likelier they would get praised by their mentors. In return, more screen time will be accorded to these trainees which will lead to more votes from the audience.

A classic example is the Class A trainee Wei Hongyu, who did not receive much screen time and was relatively unknown in the beginning. However, with growing compliments from the mentors, Wei Hongyu’s ranking promoted quickly. This proves that even if some trainees may be camera shy and introverted at first, talent speaks for itself and will allow for the trainees to progress through the ranks.

Wei Hongyu and Xu Ziwei have fantastic vocal skills, earning them the “A Grade” from the mentors

The initial evaluation was a test trainees’ professional skills. While Wei Hongyu and Xu Ziwei have fantastic vocal skills, earning them the “A Grade” from the mentors, the talent show is one that has to accord equal weightage to all members in Class A. Again, the overall skillset of the trainees matter. It is likely that Wei Hongyu and Xu Ziwei was eliminated from Class A due to their poor dancing skills, which did not bring them an advantage during their theme song test.

Liang Sen attracted the audience’s attention as soon as he appeared on the stage. In the initial stage, he was given the opportunity to perform his niche skills. His latin dancing prowess also won him a huge number of fans, as many found it a unique selling point.

Although Liang Sen was ultimately demoted from Class A, he does not fall off far behind in terms of the amount of audience support, as he still remains the one of the audience’s favourite trainee, though he remains behind Tony Yu and Li Junhao for now.

Youth With You 3 Audience Favourites (L to R: Yu Jingtian, Li Junhao, Liang Ran)

As much as Liang Sen has made a good name for latin dancing, he still lacks the requisite skill set for street dancing. When rehearsed with other trainees, he either forgets the sequence of the dance actions or misses the beat. It is understandable that at his current skills, he may be better suited for a position in Class B.

Out of the 8 trainees who received the “A grade” in the initial evaluation round, 3 parted with the Class A members.  However, Class A welcomed 6 new trainees: Lian Huaiwei, Sun Yihang, Neil, Otter, Jiang Jingzuo and The Dream who are the newcomers, much to the excitement of the viewers.

The Theme Song Evaluation In Youth With You 3 is A Good Opportunity For Trainees to Move Into A Better Class

At the initial evaluation round, Sun Yihang and Tony Yu had a showdown. Though however Tony Yu eventually attained an A grade for his performance and Sun Yihang received a B grade.

Though getting a B grade is a relatively good result for many trainees, Sun Yihang remained unsatisfied. During the position evaluation, Sun Yihang only received 6 votes out of the 100 votes from the audience. This result left Sun Yihang feeling extremely frustrated at himself.

The theme song test is the turning point for Sun Yihang, and also for many trainees. For the less popular trainees, the stage where the mentors test and participate in judging is a good opportunity for them.

For now, the theme song evaluation test is over, there are a total of 11 A class trainees. Luo Yizhou takes up the center position and is the first to do so in the show as his dance is powerful. Even despite Tony Yu’s near perfect expression management throughout his performance, he does not manage to surpass Luo Yizhou.

Tony Yu eventually loses by an extremely narrow margin of just 2 votes, for Luo Yi Zhou  to successfully attain the center position for the theme song.

Overall, this season of “Youth with You 3” focuses on the personalities of the team. This opens up a new path for trainees in the era of many variety shows. The instructors are also working hard for this. Youth PD Li Yuchun also made many interesting attempts to innovate the competition system. We wish for all the best for the trainees, and for them to develop their potential to the fullest!

Youth With You 3 PD Li Yuchun and Li Ronghao Deliberate Between Trainees

What do you think of the new members who just joined Class A? How many of them do you reckon will stay?

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