“Youth With You 3” Third Elimination Rankings

Youth With You 3 released the final trainee rankings ahead of their upcoming finale night. In this round of final eliminations, 15 trainees were sent home, leaving only 20 trainees to compete for the remaining positions.

Youth With You 3 Third Ranking
Youth With You 3 Third Ranking (Top 9)
  1. Yu Jingtian (Tony)
  2. Luo Yizhou
  3. Lian Huaiwei
  4. Tang Jiuzhou (Jojo)
  5. Sun Yinghao (Kachine)
  6. Liu Guanyou (Neil)
  7. Sun Yihang
  8. Duan Xingxing (X)
  9. Chase Lee (17)
  10. Chang Huasen (Waston)
  11. Jerome.D (Deng Xiaoci)
  12. Liu Jun
  13. Jacky (Du Tianyu)
  14. Liang Sen
  15. Rimiko (Li Junhao)
  16. Nemo (Xu Xinchi)
  17. Xu Ziwei
  18. He Derui
  19. Yang Haoming
  20. Krystian (Wang Nanjun)

Eliminated Trainees:

  1. Chen Yugeng (Crayon)
  2. Jiang Jingzuo
  3. G.G (Zhang Siyuan)
  4. Deng Zeming (Jeremy)
  5. drrchen (Chen Junhao)
  6. Yuta (Hashimoto Yuta)
  7. Wang Jiachen
  8. Yan Xi (Liam)
  9. Cao Yu (BoogieFish)
  10. Yi Xuan (Kingston)
  11. Zi Yu
  12. Alan (Huang Hongming)
  13. Qiu Danfeng
  14. Zheng Xingyuan
  15. Kin (Li Qin)

Overall Results

The top three spots have been secured by Tony Yu Jingtian, Luo Yizhou and Lian Huaiwei. The list appears to look quite unsurprising at the start, as Tony Yu and Luo Yizhou has long been the likeliest contenders for the center position. Lian Huaiwei has also been a strong contender from the start, so his third-placed rank is within expectations.

Though for now, it cannot be said that Tony Yu Jingtian will definitely make a center position debut, nor can it be said that Luo Yizhou will definitely not be able to make a center debut. The stalemate between the two is still difficult to predict. With ten days to go before the finals of “Youth Have You 3”, a vote swing may still appear likely depending on their performance. The final debut list and the rankings we see now will definitely change on the finale night.

The Surprises:

In the latest ranking, there are many new “intruders” who entered the top placings, and Liu Jun from Malaysia fell out of the top 9 to rank at 12th place instead.

When Li Yuchun announced that Liu Jun was ranked 12th, many people were shocked and stood up to give Liu Jun a hug.

Liu Jun
Liu Jun

When giving his speech, Liu Jun revealed that someone had asked him before, if there was a button that would allow him to escape from the show, would he press it? Liu Jun answered: “I can’t press it. Because I’m afraid that when I will, you all will not be there anymore.” The words instantly made the atmosphere even more sorrowful. The trainee has experienced his worst performance so far, and fans can only imagine how he must have felt to see such a big drop in his rankings. His highest place as at rank 7 in the show.

In another surprising twist, Liang Sen also fell out of the top 9 places, ranking at the 14th place. This is his worst performance so far. Considering that he is a crowd-favourite at least for the earlier part of the show, the results are rather appalling.

Youth With You 3 Third Elimination
Youth With You 3 Third Elimination

What do you think of the new rankings? Is it a surprise to you?

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