“Youth With You 3” To SuspendThe Recording of The Finale Episode After Warning Issued By State Watchdog

iQiyi suspends upcoming episodes of "Youth With You 3"
iQiyi suspends upcoming episodes of “Youth With You 3

The Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau attached great importance to the related issues in the third season of “Youth with You 3” and interviewed the relevant person in charge of the iQiyi program for the first time. It requested for the platform to strictly implement the relevant management regulations of the radio and television administrative department, and to earnestly implement the network audiovisual.

The Beijing Municipal Radio Television Bureau added, that it is the main responsibility of the platform to improve its program management system and to carefully check and rectify existing problems.

In accordance with relevant regulations on the management of online audiovisual programs, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television will thus be ordering iQiyi to suspend the follow-up recordings for the third season of “Youth With You 3“.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television will continue to strengthen supervision, consolidate the main responsibility of the platform, strictly control program orientation and content. it also seeks to actively create a clear and healthy online environment.

iQiyi Suspend Youth With You 3
iQiyi Suspends Upcoming Recordings For Youth With You 3

What Happened to “Youth With You 3″‘s final episode?

Tony Yu mother
Tony Yu mother addresses the illegal business controversy

Though there has been no official reason cited by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau for the suspension of the variety show, it is likely due to the controversies surrounding the program’s top ranked trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian.

Recently, Tony Yu has been trending on Weibo for several reasons.

First, his family was alleged to be running a KTV business that engaged in illegal business dealings. Though his mother has stepped out to dispel the rumours, a new controversy emerged over his alleged dual citizenship status.

The issue of dual citizenship is taken seriously in China, as any individual who holds a dual citizenship is considered to be breaking the law. Although Tony Yu was merely rumoured to be involved in such an issue, it ran counter to the standards of what an idol ought to be.

In recent years, the role of public figures such as celebrities in China necessarily also include setting good examples for their fans. This includes at the very basic, being a law abiding citizen with a decent character and moral values. This year, the Chinese entertainment industry has made an effective ouster of Zheng Shuang for her surrogacy controversy. After Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal, the actress has also laid low since. As seen from these examples, it is possible for celebrities to be discredited or shunned by the media if they appear to have broken the law or displayed socially unacceptable behaviour.

Netizens React To The News In Fury

Following the announcement, viewers of “Youth With You 3” have reacted with outrage at the situation. The upcoming episode would have been the show’s final recording. Many felt that it was unfair that all trainees would have to have their careers “set-back” over the situation. The new boy group that is set to debut would also be undecided until then.

Top comments after reading the news include:

“Why don’t you just directly retire from the show? Why must you drag down the other [trainees]?”

“How much better would it be had we let the son of the criminal suspect been expelled from the show ? ? Deliberately wanted it to keep going and now it would delay everyone. . . . iQiyi deserved the outcome of what it has done!”

“Artists related to prostitution, drug-dealing, dual nationalities, debuting with the help of dirty investments, fans insulting anti-drug police […] definitely worth investigating.”

“Why didn’t Tony Yu retire from the show?”

For now it is unconfirmed when the show will resume. iQiyi and the Youth With You 3 program has also yet to respond to the issue formally.

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