“Youth With You 3” Trainee Tony Yu Jingtian’s Mother Responds To Allegations That The Family’s Business Involved Drugs and Prostitution

Tony Yu Jingtian (余景天), the top ranked trainee of the survival show, “Youth With You 3” trainee was recently placed in the limelight as his parents were accused of running an KTV business that took part in illegal business dealings. It was alleged that the family operated an “unclean” KTV business which involved drug dealing and prostitution services.

Tony Yu Jingtian
Tony Yu Jingtian

Netizens Discover Tony Yu’s Family Business Through Online Records

The nightclub “Jingli KTV” in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, first came under scrutiny when a netizen made a post on Douban, claiming that Tony Yu’s family ran a nightclub that involved prostitution and drug dealing.

The netizens not only revealed the official business documents but also a series of evidence, including a  recruitment poster from Jingli KTV. Screenshots of the pornographic microblog that Jingli KTV had shared on its WeChat moments were also exposed. 

Jingli KTV
Jingli KTV Offered “Special Services” and Hired “Mommy Assistants”

One of the hiring posters also stated that it was hiring “mommy assistants”. Other posters included promotions where hostesses could offer “extra overnight work” for 2500 RMB.  Another “quick meal” service could be purchased at 1800 RMB. 

More incriminatingly, more screenshots of Jingli KTV’s “suspension of business” notice was put up. It appeared that the business was going through some internal changes, hence the business activities were put to a halt.  

According to the business directory, the company “Sichuan Jingyu Culture Media Co., Ltd” had been registered in the name of Tony Yu Jingtian’s parents. The company operates a number of entertainment venues, including bars, restaurants, and KTV services. It also seemed to be gearing itself to take up some comprehensive entertainment projects. The trademark of Tony Yu Jingtian’s name was also apparently registered by his mother. .

Lastly, netizens also exposed the property of Tony Yu Jingtian’s family in Vancouver, Canda. Their home looked like a single-family villa with a luxuriously decorated exterior. His family also owned a Porsche Cayenne and Aston Martin sports car, emblematic of their wealth.
Tony Yu jingtian home
Tony Yu jingtian home
The issue caused controversy among Chinese netizens, as some felt that the family’s wealth was procured through illicit means.

Tony Yu Jingtian’s Studio Denies His Involvement In Family Business

Shortly after the issue of “Tony Yu’s parents” started to trend on the Weibo hot search, his label stepped forward to issue a statement.

The label stated that Tony Yu Jingtian had not partook in any negative behavior related to the online rumours. Neither did he participated in activities that had a negative societal impact. The malicious comments from the outside world have had a negative impact on Tony Yu Jingtian.

At present, his company also issued a legal warning to internet users against maliciously publishing personal attacks on Tony Yu Jingtian.

Although the statement was issued late at night many fans still spoke out in support of Tony Yu’s management. They also called upon the company to resort to legal avenues to prove Tony Yu Jingtian’s innocence.

However, as the statement did not directly refute the specific details of the evidence regarding KTV business, many netizens were not convinced by it and highlighted that the full statement failed to address his parent’s business at all. 

Mother of Tony Yu Responds To The Allegations Of The Illegal KTV Business

Shortly after his label issued a statement Tony Yu Jingtian’s mother decided to speak out regarding their family business.

Tony Yu mother
Tony Yu mother addresses the KTV business controversy

Her full statement is as follows:

Hello everyone, I am Li Qin, Tony Yu Jingtian ‘s mother.

After seeing some remarks about Tony Yu Jingtian’s father and I on the Internet this morning related to the company’s operational problems, as well as the slander and malicious comments directed at Yu Jingtian , we were shocked!
As a mother and a business owner, because of the lack of rigour in carrying out our business venture, a series of controversy has erupted. This has brought about some negative consequences to our children, and I feel sad. At the same time, we have the need and responsibility to explain the relevant situation to everyone:

Jingli KTV was jointly operated by Wan Keyong, myself and Yu Jingtian’s father Yu Ping in 2005 . In 2008, together with Tony Yu’s dad, we brought Tony Yu and his brother to Vancouver, Canada to study and live abroad. Before that, we have already transferred all our stakes in Jing Li KTV to Wan Keyong. Ever since then, we no took part in the Jingli KTV Business.

However, we signed the transfer agreement hastily in 2018 when we transferred out  our stakes in Jingli KTV. Thus, we did not register the changes with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Only after returning to China in 2019, did we go through the relevant procedures one after another.

We never expected that the negligence of Tony’s father and my business venture from so many years ago would cause such great trouble and harm to friends who care about and love Tony Yu Jingtian. Here, Tony Yu’s father and I sincerely apologize to everyone!

In addition, in response to the large amounts of false information and rumours about me and Tony Yu Jingtian’s father engaging in “sex-related” and “drug-related” activities which has circulated on the Internet, we have entrusted our lawyer to handle the relevant legal issues. We are willing to actively cooperate with all relevant parties to investigate and shed light on the truth!

For now, until the investigation is complete, Tony Yu’s parents and his label hopes that netizens can refrain from spreading false rumours online. A legal team has also been announced to assist Tony Yu’s parents in setting straight the truth of the matter.

Yu Jingtian

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