“Youth With You” trainee Duan XiaoWei apologizes to Nana Komatsu for photoshopped photos

On May 3rd 2020, Duan Xiaowei posted an official apology on her Weibo account.

In the official message of apology, Duan Xiaowei writes:

The competition for me has now come to an end. Thanks to the youth producers who have been paying attention to me during the competition. At the same time, I also explain to you the controversial events that have always accompanied me.

I followed Ms Nana Komatsu a long time ago and liked her very much, but my careless behavior during the training last year manifested in how I posted an edited version of Ms Nana Komatsu’s picture alongside my own on Weibo. The caption I made in that post also lacked a serious attitude. The careless attitude in the content that I posted has caused a lot of misunderstandings, and I should bear corresponding responsibilities. Here I would like to express my deep apologies to Ms Nana Komatsu and the majority of netizens. Because this incident has caused misunderstandings and unpleasantness to everyone, I solemnly say sorry and I will be more careful in the future, and I plead for you to forgive my past naive behavior.

For other rumors that exist on the Internet, they are all fabricated, and I will not respond too much to those rumors related to nothing.

Finally, I would like to say that because there was no access to social media during the recording of the program, I did not respond to the controversy in a timely manner. I fully understand everyone’s anger at me, but I cannot accept the malicious abuse and personal attacks on my family and friends. I hope you can treat other girls with more kindness.

Thank you for my youth, thank you everyone, a new and more improved Duan Xiaowei is already on the way …

Duan Xiaowei apologizes for previous post comparing herself to Nana Komatsu

The apology follows from a past post in August 2019 where she posted a picture comparing her appearance to Japanese actress Nana Komatsu, whom she admired a lot.

In the Weibo post,  Duan Xiaowei uploaded a collage of her photos, claiming them to be her own in a comment below. Netizens later exposed that the collage itself also included photoshopped versions of Nana Komatsu’s pictures, where she edited the placement of the Japanese star’s mole to resemble her own.

In the comment section, Duan Xiaowei also commented that all the photos have been taken by her manager, and that all compliments should go to her ‘wonderful’ manager.

Left: Duan Xiaowei’s edited version of Nana Komatsu’s photo
Right: Nana Komatsu’s original photo

Many netizens found such a gesture disrespectful to the Japanese star, as Duan Xiaowei did not disclose that Nana Komatsu’s photos had been edited by her before posting on Weibo. What made matters worse was her comment, as it implied that she was passing off Nana Komatsu’s pictures as her own.

Duan Xiaowei commented that all photos were “taken” by her manager 

Duan Xiaowei has since suffered a slew of criticism from the incident, with netizens attacking her for comparing herself to an international celebrity who is well known.

It was not the pictures themselves uploaded that made netizens upset, but the fact that Duan Xiaowei’s comment on her on status which appeared to state that the photos she uploaded were her own. Some netizens considered such a comment to be a ‘robbery’ of Nana Komatsu’s photos, adding onto the fact that these photos have been photoshopped to look like her.

The incident only got brought back into the limelight when Duan Xiaowei debuted on “Youth With You” and kept silent about her post throughout the airing of the show. Her silence regarding her past behaviour let to a further wave of negative backlash against her, which also led to bullying directed towards her friends and family members.

Duan Xiaowei was eliminated, and he issued an apology to Komatsu Reina

Duan Xiaowei has since been eliminated from Youth With You

Even after her apology post, some netizens have left comments saying that Duan Xiaowei should have apologised earlier and not wait until so much time has passed for her to issue a formal apology.

What do you think of the incident? Have netizens been too harsh on her, especially since she has apologized? Share your comments with us below.

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