“Youth With You” trainee Luna Qin Pens a Sentimental Post After Elimination: Liking me is difficult

On May 3rd, “Youth With You” announced its top 35 contestant shortlist, which would result in nearly half of the 60 existing contestants to bid their farewells from the show.

Luna Qin (Qin Niu Zheng Wei) was one of the 25 contestants to be eliminated.

Following her elimination, Luna Qin wrote a long post on Weibo to thank everyone for their support. She disclosed her feelings, saying”

“I have always been a relatively silent person, I like to listen to many people and talk to only a few people. But during the time I’ve participated in the program, [where my decision to participation] was one of my toughest and most important decisions in my life – it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, tackle maliciousness, and further improve myself”.

She also shared that she was guided by an inner voice that she held throughout her participation in the show, talked about her personality and growth experience, as well as thanked supporters, indicating that she wanted to “keep it real”.

In her Weibo post, Luna Qin confessed to her fans: “Liking me is very difficult, I actually know this for a fact” 

Below is the full official post, that Luna Qin wrote on Weibo:

Hello everyone, I am the “ex” Youth With You 2 trainee Qin Niu Zhengwei (Luna Qin).

I am thankful for meeting 108 girls; I want to thank the producer Cai XuKun, mentor Ella, mentor Jony J, mentor Lisa as well as all staff members for their guidance and care; I want to thank my company, family, friends; and also the youth producers who silently supported me: “Liking me is very difficult, I actually know this for a fact.”

In fact, I have always been a relatively quiet person, I like to listen to many people and talk to only a few people. But this time I’ve participated in the program, which was one of my toughest and most important decisions – it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, tackle maliciousness, and reinvent myself”.

“A lot of people may have heard my name, but have never interacted / been in contact with the person of this name, so that’s why I’m here, please take care of me.”

I know that this opening remark has made many people have “high hopes” for me, but I’m sorry to have disappointed you, I don’t have an outstanding strength and personality, I am not the person you all imagine. Standing on the stage of Youth With You and choosing to face my shortcomings, is to hope that everyone will see a real Qin Niu Zhengwei, even if it is easier to examine me closely due to previous misunderstandings, this can also witness my growth.

Luna Qin in the formal trainee attire for “Youth With You”

On personality:

I grew up in a bundle of love, my family has a great influence on me — my mother is a super woman (iron lady) , my father is an optimist, their two completely opposite characteristics came to a middle ground upon me, which is the (kindness and compassion) that you probably feel from me …

But these Buddhist qualities I display are overly “boring”, which seems out of place in regards to the program, so I am often suggested to show more emotional response and expressions, which is actually quite exhausting … I can understand these good intentions, but I believe that a person’s energy will always attract similar people. This doesn’t mean not working hard, and being calm doesn’t mean uninteresting or boring.

Thus in these months of disregarding controversy, even in domains that I have never been in contact with, I have no excuses and go all out. It’s always been my habit to use criticism as a force, and accept all final results.

Finally … If my rap has brought you joy, I hope you all can see my courage. Thus, I will cherish any unexpected attention I have gained. I am someone who likes to watch others glow, although I’m reluctant for things to end here, I am also happy for everyone.

Because getting along with the girls gives me a really beautiful feeling, and the girls are really too cute. I have read a lot of comments during this time; I smiled at the likes I get; I saw myself resonate with like-minded people; I saw the warmth in the super-topics [on Weibo]…

These all made me begin to thank the inflexibility and stubbornness inside my bones … Because its a very happy thing that people recognized me for being my real authentic self. I hope that in this noisy world, we can find a pure land of peace in our hearts. While going through darkness, continue being loyal to yourself, and be passionate about life. “Keep[ing it] real” is more important than aura or glory.

Luna Qin thanks her fans and believes that she should “keep real” in the road ahead! 


As of now, it appears that Luna Qin will be continuing her studies in the Beijing Film Academy though her heartfelt message have warmed the hearts of many C-Netizens.

Many have left positive comments on her post, wishing her all the best for the journey ahead.

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