Yuehua Entertainment Responds To Debt Allegedly Owed by Justin Huang’s Mother

On November 10th, Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement in response to allegations that “Justin Huang’s mother is on the  list of untrustworthy people as she owes 30 million to the bank.”

Justin Huang’s mother allegedly owes a large amount of debt

The agency clarified that Justin Huang’s mother, Chen Jianping is not the actual borrower of the money. She is in fact, the loan guarantor and she has been urging the debtor to pay back the amount owned. She has always maintained constant communication with the bank. As the debtor has not fulfilled their repayment obligation, Chen Jianping will continue to perform her responsibilities as a guarantor and notify everyone as soon as the matter has been properly resolved.

Yuehua Entertainment’s Statement

Full translation of the statement: 

“Recently, content such as “Justin Huang’s mother is on the list of untrustworthy people, owing 30 million to the bank refused to pay” has been spread by some Internet users continuously, which has caused a negative repercussions and also resulted in some netizens to post insults and bad remarks which have seriously damaged Mr. Justin Huang’s reputation. Our company makes the following statement on this incident: Through active communication with relevant parties, our company learned that Mr. Justin Huang’s mother, Ms. Chen Jianping is not the actual borrower, but she is the guarantor of the loan. As the guarantor, she has been urging the debtor, Huaxian Zhongjiao Winton Hotel Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Zhongjiao Company) to fulfill the repayment obligations as soon as possible. She has always maintained active communication with the creditor Zhongyuan Bank, Anyang branch. Since the debtor Zhongjiao Company has not fulfilled all its repayment obligations, Ms. Chen Jianping will actively perform the responsibility as a guarantor and will promptly resolve the matter as soon as possible to respect the authority of the court judgment.

We express our deep appreciation for the troubles caused by the incidents above to related parties and the public. We will actively supervise and assist in the proper settlement of the matter as soon as possible.

At the same time, we also warned the Internet users who used the incidents above to maliciously publish remarks and those who are suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Justin Huang to immediately delete the relevant content. Internet users should maintain a rational attitude when facing online information, based on facts, and the law as the criterion, and jointly maintain clean and upright cyberspace.”

We hope that fans of Justin Huang can be rest assured by the official statement regarding this issue.

Justin Huang’s mother is not the only parent of an idol who netizens have speculated to be on the list of untrustworthy people. Recently, R1SE member Zhou Zhennan’s parents have similarly been discovered to owe a large sum of debts as well.

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