Yumiko Cheng Successfully Meets Her Idol Liu Yuxin from THE9 Again!

Cantopop singer Yumiko Cheng has never been shy about displaying affection for her idol, THE9’s Liu Yuxin.

On Liu Yuxin’s birthday this year, Yumiko Cheng had even specially prepared a gift for her!

Fortunately for the singer, she has managed to finally fulfil her wish of meeting Liu Yuxin (again) when she shared a new photo of the two posing side by side today on Weibo.

Along with the photo, she wrote also wrote a caption saying, “Teacher Liu, is this photo of us okay?”

THE9’s center commented  wittily on her status awhile after, stating “YES! Ok!”

Congratulations for Yumiko Cheng who has had the privilege of meeting her idol! In the past, the cantopop singer has repeatedly expressed her admiration for Liu Yuxin.

Netizens reacted mostly by rejoicing with comments such as, “Wow, two pretty sisters~ !”

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