Zhai Xiaowen Pays for A Vase Broken by His Fans

A fan of Zhai Xiaowen’s accidentally broke a vase when meeting him. After saying: “You’re in trouble!”, he turned to his assistant and said, “In a while, go ask; don’t let them pay for it themselves.”

Netizens React to the Gesture

[+15,000] Zhai Xiaowen’s really so gentle 🥺🥺 Babes, take care of your safety!!
[+8689] ZXW’s really so gentle
[+6473] Xiao Zhai’s so gentle 😗 Hope everyone can take care of their safety
[+4200] He’s too gentle, the fans have to take care of their safety

(Most of the comments below the post are all exclamations of how gentle the singer and actor is.)

Poll: Have you been warmed by Zhai Xiaowen?

Weibo Influencer's poll
Weibo Influencer’s poll

Help!! Go and watch the video! Zhai Xiaowen is too warm, too warm; in any case I’ve been warmed, what about you?
[+7603] So gentle, I was warmed
[+348] It’s okay, no feeling

R1SE member, actor and singer Zhai Xiaowen
R1SE member, actor and singer Zhai Xiaowen

Miscellaneous Comments

[+11] Zhai Xiaowen, when we broke the vase and got into trouble, you helped us pay. You made our heartbeats not stop, you got into trouble, are you going to pay 😊
[+4] Interesting, his voice is so nice 🌞
[+38] Help! I have so many more rivals in love!
[+51] Became a fan, sobbing
[+19] He’s really such a gentle boy 🥺 Like an older brother looking after his younger sisters 🥺
[+37] We’re not fans, we’re girls being taken care of by our older brother 🥺
[+19] I fell into the hole straightaway 🕳️ Too gentle 😗😗

(Note: Falling into a hole means becoming a fan of the idol.)

What are your thoughts about Zhai Xiaowen paying for his fans’ mishap? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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