Zhang Heng’s Company Has Been Slapped With Consumption Restriction Orders After Failing To Pay Its Debts

Recently, Shanghai Jingguaguai Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. and its legal representative Zhang Heng, who many recognize as Zheng Shuang‘s ex-boyfriend, has been slapped with three consumption restriction orders.

Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng
Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have broken up in 2020

Shanghai Jingguai AI Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, and the largest shareholder of the company is Shanghai jingguzuo AI Technology Co., Ltd., jointly held by Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng. Zhang Shuang was reported to have broken up with Zhang Heng in 2019, though she was the mother to her surrogate children with Zhang Heng. While the two have broken up, the issue of custody has not been resolved and Zheng Shuang has left the entertainment circle following the revelation of her surrogate children.

At this state, the business ventures shared by the former couple have also been in a state of limbo.

The consumption restrictions implemented on Shanghai Jingguanguai AI Co. was a result of Zhang Heng and his company’s failure to fulfil the payment obligations within a period specified in the execution notice.

According to other enforcement rulings on labor arbitration disputes involving, Shanghai Jingguaguai Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., the court inquired about the financial status of the company and it was revealed that it had several accounts under its name.

Although there are balances in those bank accounts, the amount is far from enough to pay off the debts in this case. In addition, no property was available for execution under the name of the company could be found. 

Therefore, a consumption restriction order was made in accordance with the law to limit the high consumption expenses of the company. Relevant parties were also included in the list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement, and credit punishment will also be imposed on them in accordance with the law.

Netizens React To The News

Following the news, netizens have reacted to the situation on Sina News.

This scumbag, [he’s relying on the woman to provide for the family] to the extent that he has no shame, after discussing for so long he just doesn’t have money, what can he pay with? [+71]

The scumbag has come to join in the fun these days [+48]

He only has himself to blame. [+41]

The scumbag deserves it. He wants to cause harm to others in order to get a fortune, yet in the midst of doing so he [harms himself in the midst of doing so]. [+18]

The man who relies on a woman to feed him has already ran to the United States, and he’s openly refusing to repay the debts, yet he still wages war using the public opinion wars and makes money [by using blackmail tactics]! [+17]

This is karma [+16]

The scumbag when he doesn’t have money he will make up rumours about Zheng Shuang, go ask Zheng Shuang for money! This is exactly the motive for why he wanted to have surrogate children with Zheng Shuang! [He’s] using the children to find an excuse to ask Zheng Shuang for money! Scum, scum…. [+14]

The scammer and debtor scumbag, go and return back the money you scammed from Zheng Shuang! The money will be handed over to the state because if she violates the law, she will be fined by breaching the contract laws. Don’t embezzle the state’s money, scumbag. [+12]

This guy is a top-notch scumbag, Xiao Shuang was really doomed to have met him [+9]

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