Zhao Lusi (Rosy) Profile and Facts

Zhao Lusi
Zhao Lusi

Zhao Lusi (Rosy Zhao, 赵露思), is a Chinese actress born on November 9, 1998, in Sichuan, China.

She made her debut as an actress in the drama “Untouchable Lovers”  in 2017. Shortly afterwards, she took the lead role in the drama, “Oh My Emperor!” alongside Xiao Zhan. In 2020, she rose to mainstream popularity with her main roles in “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”, “Dating In The Kitchen” and “Love of Thousand Years”.

Zhao Lusi Profile

Zhao Lusi
Zhao Lusi Profile

Birth Name: Zhao Lusi
Chinese Name: 赵露思
English Name: Rosy Zhao
Nicknames: Rou Si (肉丝), Lu Lu (露露), Xiao Zhao (小赵)
Birthday: November 9, 1998
Place of Birth: Sichuan, China
Star Sign: Scorpio
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 161cm
Weight: 39kg
Education: Mingdao University
Agency: YinheKuyu Media
Occupation: Actress

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 赵露思的微博
: 赵露思
Douyin: 赵露思

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Dewdrop (露珠, Lu Zhu)
Fandom Color: Pink
Fan Chant: “On a road with you, [our] sentiments are unchanging” (一露有你,情思不变)


  • Her college major is in Fashion Design
  • She went to a university in Taiwan for college – Mingdao University
  • Family Members: Her parents sent Lusi to do acting when she was young.
  • Pets: She loves dogs and cats, she currently own 3 dogs and 1 cat.
  • Her idols are TFBoys. She is a big fan of the boy group.
  • Favourite food: Spicy food, tempura and hotpot
  • Hobbies: Travelling, playing games, shopping, making floral arrangements and singing
  • She loves to follow shopping or purchasing related news, such as product livestreams
  • She comes from the city of Chengdu
  • She originally wanted to be a fashion designer
  • She said that when she was young she has never been strong academically
  • She is known for being very good at “Douyin” the Chinese version of Tiktok.
  • She talks a lot and is known to be a cheerful conversationalist
  • She loves listening to the jokes by the popular Chinese comedian Yue Yunpeng
  • News reports have dubbed Zhao Lusi as the “second Zhao Liying
  • Relationship/Dating History: In 2020, Zhao Lusi denied rumours that she liked the actor Xiao Zhan.

Ideal Type

  • Her ideal type is a man who is gentle, dependable and kind attracts her
  • Her top 3 turn-offs: Someone who is stingy, not serious about his work and greasy.

Zhao Lusi’s Personality and Persona

  • Zhao Lusi’s appearance is sweet, as she has a round baby face which looks very pleasing.
  • Most of the heroines she plays are “silly, demure and sweet.” Though some may find these qualities annoying, but Zhao Lusi seems to have a natural advantage for these roles, as she tends to bring out a feeling of warmth and joy through these characters.
  • The media describes Zhao Lusi is a rare actress with a light comedic temperament. Her specialization is playing ‘sweet and demure’ roles also makes her a prime candidate for many dramas with young and youthful heroines.


  • City of Rock(缝纫机乐队) as an Unnamed Nurse (2017)
  • Autumn Fairy Tale(蓝色生死恋) as Enxi (2019)

Television Series

  • A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (国子监来了个女弟子) as Sang Qi (TBA)
  • Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling(一不小心捡到爱) as Gu Anxin (TBA)
  • Qie Shi Tian Xia (且试天下) as Feng Xiyun (TBA)
  • The Long Ballad (长歌行) as Lin Leyan (2020)
  • Love of Thousand Years(三千鸦杀) as Qin Chuan (2020)
  • The Romance of Tiger and Rose(传闻中的陈芊芊) as Chen Xiaoqian (2020)
  • Dating in the Kitchen(我,喜欢你) as Gu Shengnan (2020)
  • I Hear You (最动听的事) as Bei Erduo (2019)
  • Prodigy Healer (青囊传) as Ye Yunshang (2019)
  • Love Better Than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月) as Chun Hua (2019)
  • Untouchable Lovers (凤囚凰) as Ma Xueyun (2018)
  • Cinderella Chef (萌妻食神) as Liu Yiyi (2018)
  • Oh! My Emperor (哦!我的皇帝陛下) as Luo Feifei (2018)

Variety Shows

  • Show up! Suspects (现身吧!嫌疑人) – 2020
  • Happy Camp (快乐大本营) – 2020
  • Real Actor(演技派) – 2019
  • MIA Season 4 (火星情报局第四季)- 2018
    MIA Season 3 (火星情报局第三季)- 2017
  • MIA Season 2 (火星情报局第二季) – 2016

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