Zheng Shuang Gets Dropped By Major Brands Following The Surrogacy Controversy

Earlier today, some netizens have discovered that Zheng Shuang had done a sweep on her Weibo account following news that she is the mother of two children allegedly born via surrogacy with her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng.

A leaked video also exposed a conversation between Zheng Shuang‘s parents, who asked for the child to be aborted. However upon realizing that the alleged surrogate parent was 7 months pregnant, they asked if the children could be adopted by someone else instead.

Zheng ShuangZheng Shuang pictured above

Brands Announce Termination of Partnerships with Zheng Shuang

Following the controversy involving her ‘secret marriage’ and two ‘surrogate’ children which she left for her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng to raise alone in the United states, a number of major brands have made the decision to cut off their previous associations with the actress.

The official Weibo page of PRADA has deleted Zheng Shuang’s featured Weibo post under their brand topic, and the Weibo page of watch brand Lola Rose has also deleted all relevant posts associated with Zheng Shuang. Magazine outlets Harper’s Bazaar and Weekend Pictorial have also deleted their Zheng Shuang magazine cover content.

Major Brands have Dropped Zheng Shuang as their Endorsement Partner
Major Brands have Dropped Zheng Shuang as their Endorsement Partner


Zheng Shuang Clears Up Her Weibo Account

Zheng Shuang deleted blog

Zheng Shuang clear attention

On January 19th, some netizens discovered that Zheng Shuang deleted a number of her Weibo posts, including those where she was seen previously endorsing PRADA. Her endorsement post for the luxury brand was initially a pinned post on her Weibo profile. Her Weibo posts have also dropped from initially 131 entries to 97 entries.

Apart from taking down her related brand endorsement posts, Zheng Shuang has also cleared all her Weibo followings and kept to only following two people.

Though she made a follow up Weibo post to apologize to Prada, the post has since been deleted. 

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