Zheng Shuang’s Honorary Titles For The Huading Awards Get Officially Revoked

The actress Zheng Shuang gets placed in the limelight again following her surrogate children controversy.  This afternoon, Huading Awards have also joined the list of organisations explicitly denouncing Zheng Shuang‘s actions following her surrogate children controversy and her apparent act of ‘abandoning them’.

The Hua Ding Awards is known as the “People’s Choice” Awards in China are held more than once each year across multiple entertainment media from Chinese television shows to international films and music. A few days ago, Zheng Shuang was awarded two titles, namely the The 19th Huading Awards for Best Actress in Modern Chinese TV Dramas” and “The 13th Huading Awards for Top Ten Most Favorite TV Stars by National Audiences.”

The Huading Awards Revoke All Of Zheng Shuang's Award Titles
The Huading Awards Revoke All Of Zheng Shuang’s Award Titles

Zheng Shuang was previously announced as the Huading Awards winner

The organising committee has since spoken up in response to the star’s high-profile controversy, denouncing her actions.

The full statement from the organisation is as follows:

A few days ago, the Huading Award Organizing Committee decided to revoke the honorary title(s) of Zheng Shuang’s “The 19th Huading Awards for Best Actress in Modern Chinese TV Dramas” and “The 13th Huading Awards for Top Ten Most Favorite TV Stars by National Audiences” .

Recently, Zheng Shuang was exposed by ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng and his friends about surrogacy and abandoning two children, which not only caused a sensation in the entire Chinese entertainment circle, but also caused verbal criticism from millions of netizens and public opinion due to the bad influence of the destruction of the three principles. Afterwards, Zheng Shuang posted a late response on his personal Weibo, but throughout the article she continued to emphasize that she did not violate the law, did not even express a single bit of remorse, and did not even seem to have any intention to apologize for her actions. She did not even mention about the two children. Such an evasive and vague response is not only cold-blooded but also ignores the sanctity of life. It is a form of behaviour that regards the self as being above the law.

Our country prohibits any form of surrogacy. Surrogacy and abandonment are against social morality, public order and good customs. No one can challenge the ethical bottom line and be above the law. A public figure must have the correct moral sentiments and display to the public their own values on screen. They should promote positive energy and guide the public to have an appropriate outlook on the world, in life and also uphold the correct values. The personality of a public figure is not a pretense, but it is shaped by years of moral guidance. As a public figure, Zheng Shuang should work on her own virtues and moral values. This is the very basic requirement of a public figure.

According to the relevant provisions of the “Management Guidelines for the Honorary Titles of the Huading Award”, the Huading Award’s Organizing Committee has decided to withdraw Zheng Shuang’s “19th Huading Award for Best Actress in a Modern Chinese TV Series” and the “13th Huading Award for National The audience’s favorite Top Ten TV Stars”. The award certificates and trophies will be withdrawn and cancelled.

The person in charge has also expressed: “The exposure of the surrogate children and the discussion on their abandonment caused Zheng Shuang’s personal reputation to collapse instantly. Such a doing is her own responsibility and it runs counter to our original intention of awarding [her[ the honor. Everyone is shocked by the exposure of the surrogate children and her act of abandoning them. Trampling on civil rights and a corruption of the human morals is a challenge to everything we cherish and stand for. This will never be tolerated.

The Hua Ding Awards committee is the latest organisation to join a growing number of brands who have denounced the actions of Zheng Shuang by explicitly dropped her as their brand representative. She has also received censure directly from a Chinese state media associated Weibo account.

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